Finding a Trusted Geriatric Specialist in Sterling Heights That Offers Complete Care


With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes more routine doctor’s appointments. On average, geriatric patients (age 65 years and older) visit their family doctor more than twice as much as younger adults. These regular check-ins allow you to prevent and catch diseases early on, so you can maintain your ideal way of living and overall health.

Unfortunately, many elders struggle to meet their social, physical, and basic hygiene needs, which can lead to isolation and the worsening of existing health concerns. Finding a compassionate provider that goes beyond annual wellness visits makes every visit more meaningful, as you can find everything you need (for every member of the family) in one place! Whether you’re an elder patient or a caregiver, here’s everything to consider on your search for a reputable geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights, directly from the providers at Tri-County Medical Clinic

What geriatric care means

As you age, your desire to fulfill your mind and body’s demands through exercise, social interaction, and bodily comfort remains despite a decline in your ability to do so. These aspects are crucial to living a happy and healthy life, but sometimes you need a helping hand to get you back on track. 

While regular doctor’s visits are beneficial for patients of any age, they’re especially helpful for older patients to catch early signs of disease. Early diagnoses allow for more treatment options, drastically increasing the likelihood of recovery. Our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights collaborates with our on-site specialists and labs to make every visit count as much as possible, so we can diagnose you in a timely manner and get you back on your feet with your grandkids! Beyond our decades of experience, our geriatric providers understand the importance of building lasting relationships with patients in order to best address your unique needs and make your experience positive from the moment you walk in. 

Understanding insurance coverage for geriatric care

Medicare covers a single annual wellness visit every 12 months for patients above 65 years old. At your annual exam our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights will streamline your care, offering preventative care, depression screenings, immunizations, referrals and many more specialty services in one visit. After reviewing your overall condition and reviewing changes in comparison to previous visits our Geriatric Physicians will make appropriate changes in your medications and treatment plan.

Fields of geriatric care

There’s no universal treatment approach that suits every geriatric patient. Our specialists always begin with an in-depth geriatric assessment near you, where we evaluate your physical and emotional capabilities to navigate your treatment options. After discussing your strengths and weaknesses, our providers will refer you to our on-site specialists to further refine your treatment.

Preventative healthcare

The ideal form of treatment is preventative, which requires recognizing your genetic predispositions and any unhealthy lifestyle issues. Preventing disease rather than treating it not only improves your health, but also your financial stability. Our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights offers the leading disease prevention in the area, providing a range of patient counseling and healthy lifestyle education to maintain your optimal status. You can discuss these steps with your provider at any wellness visit, including your regular Medicare covered appointments.

Diagnostic testing & screenings

Tri-County Medical Clinic is proud to offer a variety of on-site specialty services, including x-rays and blood draws. This allows our physicians to accomplish a timely diagnosis, so we can get to work on treatment as soon as possible. We also offer biopsies to check for skin cancer in our office, and can refer you to a reputable dermatologist or other specialist if further treatment is needed.

Elders typically experience foot and ankle pain more often due to a loss of fat and muscle tissue, less blood circulation, and more delicate skin. Our podiatrists work closely with our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights to address all kinds of foot conditions and injuries at any stage.

Our cardiologists also collaborate with your family doctor, keeping an eye on your overall heart health and prescribing medication and treatment when necessary. With over 2 decades of experience, Dr. Zakwan Mahjoub is proud to seamlessly incorporate heart health care into your visits to optimize your quality of life. 

Immunization & prescription management

The majority of adults over 65 years old are taking at least 4 prescription medications. Mixing medications (both over-the-counter and prescription) can result in unique side effects outside of the individual medications’. 

Our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights offers transparent geriatric medication management, not only to monitor your response to this combination, including its efficacy, but also to ensure that you are taking the medication properly. An estimated 75% of patients don’t take their medications as directed, hence why seeing a geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights is recommended for all older patients, no matter their memory abilities.

Our medication management specialists also offer immunizations, from the flu shots to Pneumococcal vaccines. Staying on top of these yearly shots will minimize the risk of illness and the associated risks that come with recovering as an elderly patient.

Memory loss treatment

Nearly 40% of older adults experience some form of memory loss, which can prevent you from performing and enjoying your daily activities. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, and can grow severe quickly, hence the importance of meeting with a geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights to discuss preventative measures.

We begin every memory loss treatment plan with an in-depth evaluation, which we can also perform during your annual wellness exam to be covered by Medicare. Memory lapses are normal at any age, but if you have noticed them worsening it is best to seek an assessment. Here, we’ll decipher if you have dementia or age-associated memory loss based off of any changes in your brain structure. Our memory specialists, who have over 4 decades of experience, will then work with you to find the most effective treatment and maintenance plan.  

Hypertension management

While almost half of American adults already have hypertension, the chances grow to more than 90% after the age of 55. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a major contributor to heart disease, which is why regular blood pressure checks are key to avoiding congestive heart failure.

Among geriatrics especially, high blood pressure can cause a range of vision problems and kidney disease. Our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights offers personalized care to minimize these risks, whether it be through preventative or active treatment. This doesn’t always require medication; diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, and overconsumption of tobacco and alcohol may also be discussed to improve symptoms.

Hyperlipidemia & diabetic management

Diabetes is affecting more and more people (of all ages) every year. Our diabetes and lipid center is proud to help serve the 30 million Americans suffering from diabetic concerns, as well as the associated risks such as heart disease, kidney failure, and limb amputation.

As you age, your hormones change and you likely become less active, which puts you at a higher risk for obesity. While obesity at any age poses a range of threats to your healthy bodily and mental functions, it especially does for those over the age of 70 as it puts them at even higher risk for severe chronic conditions and stroke. If you are struggling with prediabetes, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and or obesity, visit our geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights for guidance monitoring your insulin, diet, exercise, and more to minimize its toll on your daily life.

Turn back the clock with age-rewinding aesthetic care

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Contact us today to meet with a geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights and kickstart your wellness journey with expert guidance! We understand that you want to minimize your number of visits, so we offer complete care for the whole family to the greater Detroit Metro community. Our team will help you schedule an appointment at a time convenient for your schedule. Find out for yourself what it means to be treated like family.