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Prescription Medication Management

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What is Prescription Medication Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

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Research shows that more than 133 million people in the United States suffer from chronic diseases requiring prescription medications. Prescription medication management is therefore an essential part of the patient’s physical examination. During the examination, our family and geriatric physicians, based on the provided documentation , conduct a verbal discussion  evaluating all the current medications in relation to the patient’s condition and health. Adjustments are made as needed , updated and recorded in the patient’s chart. Such a diligent prescription management process assures patient compliance therefore improving and delaying the onset of chronic illnesses and conditions.

What is Included in Prescription Medication Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

Learn more about prescription medication management near you.

Prescription medication evaluation is a critical component of each patient’s physical exam. Our family physicians specializing in geriatrics conduct a verbal discussion and a medication review based on the current documentation; the doctors reconcile the medications assuring that the patient takes the correct dosage, at the correct time, and the correct way!  Any medication side effects are discussed and addressed by either adjusting the dosage and the frequency or a replacement with another prescription medication.



Personalized Care

Our family care and geriatric physicians -experts in Prescription Medication Management-  take time to listen, offer the best care possible, and treat our patients like family.



Tri-County Medical Clinic is a family and a geriatric medicine practice- we take care of your whole family, from children to the elderly. We make it as easy and accessible for our patients as possible; your prescription medication evaluation will be conveniently administered during your annual physical or a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam. 


Improved Health Outcomes

In order to properly manage and treat a chronic disease or an illness, it is imperative for patients to take their medications correctly and with consistency and refill their medications on time. The successful and effective treatment/management of various chronic conditions and illnesses depends on proper prescription medication administration; a diligent and efficacious prescription medication evaluation during a physical exam is a key component in this process. The right dosage, at the right time, taken the right -  better health and quality of life!

Learn more about prescription medication management near you at Tri-County Medical Clinic.

Prescription Medication Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic

Reviewing the dosage, frequency, the pathways of administration and the effectiveness of the medications is imperative in a successful management of chronic diseases and illness. Lastly, all the medications, adjustments, and new prescriptions are documented in detail in patient’s chart. Many chronic and acute conditions can be successfully treated with the proper medication – without proper prescription management and administration, the health outcomes could be fatal.  As a part of our preventative approach to disease management, Tri-County Medical Clinic and its family and geriatric practitioners practice efficacious and diligent prescription medication management.  The preventative approach to healthy lifestyle doesn’t  just include prescription medication management, but also recommendations for professional grade vitamins and supplements available for purchase through Fullscript

Learn more about prescription medication management near you.

About Prescription Medication Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic

As we get older, we might require multiple prescriptions for multiple chronic conditions , increasing the risk of side effects. Our family and geriatric practitioners at Tri-County Medical Clinic provide highly efficient and diligent prescription medication evaluation during a physical exam to assure that patients are not taking unnecessary medications  but taking the correct medications, at the correct amount, and the correct frequency. A prescription medication health care questionnaire is conducted allowing the providers to eliminate or replace any medications that are not effective /not improving the condition or illness and replace with an alternative option, address any side effects arising from prescription medications, and make adjustments as needed based on the review.  Replacement or new prescription medications are electronically submitted to the patient’s pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

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