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Annual Medicare Wellness Examination

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What is an Annual Medicare Exam at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

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As family physicians who specialize in geriatrics, the physicians at Tri-County Medical Clinic provide annual wellness examinations to our patients.

Patients 65 age and above who have Medicare are eligible and qualify for a yearly wellness evaluation.  Such an evaluation includes an individualized  prevention plan to assist patients in disability and disease prevention, based on the current health and risk factors. You will be asked to fill out a “Health Risk Questionnaire” to help to design your individualized preventative health care plan. The annual Medicare exam is an assessment of your current health and a tool for managing your future health; it is not a regular physical and therefore it does not include any physical body evaluations. Medicare does not cover or pay for annual physical exams and so Tri-County Medical Clinic strongly encourages and recommends taking an advantage of the Medicare Annual Wellness Exam near you.

What Does the Annual Medicare Wellness Exam Include?

Annual Wellness Exam:

  • Height, Weight, BMI, and Blood Pressure  Measurements
  •  Review of  your Medical and Family history
  • Risk and Safety Factor Assessment
  • Review Health Risk Assessment questionnaire
  • Review of Medications and Health Care Providers
  • Cognitive Impairment Screening
  • Recommendations for screening preventive services

The Medicare Annual Wellness Exam plays a big role in early diagnostics and prevention of diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and dementia.



Personalized Care

Our family care and geriatric physicians -experts in Medicare Annual Wellness Exams-  take time to listen, offer the best care possible, and treat our patients like family.



Tri-County Medical Clinic is a family and a geriatric medicine practice- we take care of your whole family, from children to the elderly. We make it as easy and accessible for our patients as possible; if the need arises during a Medicare Wellness Exam for additional screening or diagnostic services, our clinic has the the capability and capacity to schedule and perform such services.


Improved Health Outcomes

Medicare Wellness Annual Visits give an opportunity to look at the patient as a whole person while answering any health care concerns or questions, recommending preventative services, and developing a health care plan for the future. It helps our physicians to be proactive in addressing our older patients long-term health concerns. These visits are associated with higher rates of  A1C control and Type 2 diabetes prevention, as well as early and timely detection of breast cancer, colon cancer, and dementia. Early and timely detection equals better quality of life! 

Here’s a look at the Medicare exams we offer.

Medicare Wellness Annual Exams at Tri-County Medical Clinic

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The yearly Medicare Wellness exam offered by Tri-County Medical Clinic family and geriatric physicians is an annual health care assessment performed for patients 65 years of age and older who also have Medicare; Medicare pays for one assessment per year. The purpose of this medical visit is to get a clear picture of your current health care state as well as create a plan of medical action for the future. Depending on the individual, the Medicare Wellness examination might also include a cognitive impairment assessment in order to check for signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Here are some of the  services that might be  performed during a Medicare Wellness Exam : review of medications and medical and family history, risk and safety factor assessment, height/weight and blood pressure measurements as well as recommendations for  preventive screenings.

Learn more about our annual medicare wellness exams near you.

About Medicare Wellness Annual Exams at Tri-County Medical Clinic

The purpose of the annual wellness visit under Medicare is for our family geriatric physicians to get a clear assessment  of your current state of health and to design a plan for future care.  These visits serve as health care assessments for patients with Medicare age 65 and older to create an individualized  prevention plan in order to  assist patients in disability and disease prevention, based on the current health and risk factors. During the visit, measurements such as weight, height, BMI, and blood pressure will be taken, among with a review of  the patient’s medical and family history, review of current medications and recommended adjustments, cognitive impairment evaluation if needed, and recommendations for preventative screenings and diagnostic testing. As Medicare does not offer coverage for annual physicals, we strongly recommend taking advantage and utilizing the fully covered Medicare Annual Wellness Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

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