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What is Memory Loss Evaluation at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

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The memory loss examination involves the initial assessment and a full evaluation of memory and thinking problems  and can be administered during the Medicare Annual Wellness Exam or during an annual physical exam.

If you are experiencing cognitive symptoms associated with memory loss and thinking that disturb your daily lifestyle or prevent from performing your daily activities, our family physicians who are also certified as geriatric physicians (received additional training in medical care and diagnosis of illness in older adults ) have over 4 decades of combined expertise in diagnosis of memory loss, to include dementia.

What Does Memory Loss Evaluation at Tri-County Medical Clinic Include?

Here’s a look at what our memory loss treatment near you includes:

During your Memory Loss Evaluation at Tri-County Medical Clinic, your geriatric physician will administer a Memory Loss Health Questionnaire in order to assess your cognitive skills- thinking, remembering, and reasoning. He or she will review your medical and family history and current medications as well as ask various questions about how the memory lapses affect your capability of managing your daily tasks. Depending on the diagnosis, your geriatric physician might  order certain blood tests to look for causes of memory loss or brain imaging testing to check for changes in the brain structure.  The memory loss evaluation can be administered as a part of your Medicare Annual Wellness Exam or an annual physical.



Personalized Care

Our family care and geriatric physicians -experts in  the treatment and diagnosis of memory loss and dementia-  take time to listen, offer the best care possible, and treat our patients like family.



Tri-County Medical Clinic is a family medicine practice specializing in geriatrics - we are equipped with additional training and experience in diagnosis and treatment of memory loss.. We make it as easy and accessible for our patients as possible; your memory loss evaluation can be conveniently  administered during your Medicare Annual Wellness Exam or your annual physical.


Improved Health Outcomes

We, the family and geriatric physicians at Tri-County Medical Clinic are dedicated to disease prevention and improvement in our patients' quality of life. Early diagnosis of memory loss and cognitive impairment can be crucial in improving and preserving some cognitive functions, gives patients a chance to prioritize their health, and greatly improves access to medical and cognitive support.  Early and prompt diagnosis equals effective treatment and care equals improved quality of life!

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About Memory Loss Evaluation at Tri-County Medical Clinic

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Research shows that almost 40% of people age 65 and older experience some type of memory loss while about 5.5 million people in the United States alone  suffer from Alzheimer’s – the most common form of dementia. The family physicians at Tri-County Medical Clinic are also certified in geriatric medicine- equipping them with additional training, tools, and over four decades of  experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of memory loss in older adults. To our geriatric physicians disease prevention- including memory loss prevention- comes with utmost importance. Early and proper diagnosis of memory loss is key in slowing down/managing or preventing  various types of dementia. Tri-County Medical Clinic provides the memory loss evaluation service as part of our preventative approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

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