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What is Disease Prevention & Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

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Chronic diseases are on the rise globally and becoming a leading cause of morbidity.

Family and geriatric practitioners play an integral role in the prevention and management of such diseases , to include diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis , and chronic obesity.  Many of these diseases can be prevented by modifying  or abstaining from risk factors such as diets high in trans-fats and sugars, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and excess alcohol consumption. The primary and geriatric specialists at Tri-County Medical Clinic make screening for such risk factors a core component of every and each physical exam. Depending on the outcomes, patient counseling and healthy lifestyle education is offered  with the ultimate goal of disease prevention near you.

What is Included in  Diseases Prevention & Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic?

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In order to maximize health outcomes and quality of life for the patient, our family and geriatric physicians make disease preventive services a core component of each physical exam. During the visit, Tri-County Medical Clinic practitioners screen for multiple chronic disease factors ; based on the results of the screening,  the geriatric specialist provide counseling and recommendations for preventative behaviors  and lifestyle changes such as diet and physical activity. If the results necessitate, patients are referred out for additional screening and testing  to a specialist within our network; network built over four decades of practicing within the same community with highly-experienced medical experts in their respective fields backed by long-standing professional relationships. Our physicians promote collaborative, patient-centered approach in the prevention & management of chronic disease;  patients take active part in the counseling /recommendations where the only preventative changes that are recommended are ones that are manageable and effective.



Personalized Care

Our family care and geriatric physicians - highly skilled experts in disease prevention & management-  take time to listen, offer the best care possible, and treat our patients like family.



Tri-County Medical Clinic is a family and a geriatric medicine practice- we take care of your whole family, from children to the elderly. We make it as easy and accessible for our patients as possible; the disease prevention & management service is conveniently administered during your annual physical or  the Medicare Annual Wellness Exam.


Improved Health Outcomes

Chronic diseases have an enormous negative effect on overall  health and quality of life. Risks factors for chronic diseases such as lack of physical activity, excess alcohol and tobacco consumption, and poor diet are leading culprits in the development of of multiple chronic illnesses  to include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke,  and alzheimer's. Early detection, screening, and control  by your  family and geriatric physician means higher rates of prevention or delaying the onset of chronic illness! 

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About Disease Prevention & Management at Tri-County Medical Clinic

The primary care and geriatric specialist at Tri-County Medical Clinic have over four decades of  expertise in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Our family and geriatric practitioners play an integral role in the prevention and management of such diseases with the geriatric certification providing additional specialty training and expertise in the screening, diagnosis, prevention, and monitoring of chronic illnesses in older adults.  Disease preventive service is provided as a core component of each and every physical exam. Patients are screened for multiple risk factors and based on the results, the physicians make behavioral and lifestyle recommendations promoting overall health and well-being while preventing or delaying disability, morbidity, and chronic disease.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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