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A Cardiologist in Troy, MI performs a physical

Your heart is perhaps your most important organ. It keeps blood pumping through your body so you can operate to your fullest efficiency. And if your heart develops any conditions, you could face serious problems later on.

While you may be tempted to put off your important appointments, your heart health isn’t something to neglect.

At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we believe that if you take care of your body, you’ll be thankful in the long run, and that all begins with the help of a qualified cardiologist near Troy, MI.

A Team That Cares

At Tri-County, the patient is always our number one priority. Because of this, we’ve been sure to hire a team of practitioners that can meet any of your medical needs. If you need a podiatrist, an aesthetic specialist, a cardiologist, or something else entirely, we can help.

We don’t want to have to refer you to a different doctor across the state—we want to treat you ourselves, so nothing gets lost in translation.

We’re always here to listen to your concerns, so if you have any questions, we’d urge you to let us know. There’s nothing more important than your health.

The First Step

Unless there’s an emergency, you likely won’t need to see a cardiologist immediately. First, you should visit our primary care physician for a checkup. The primary care physician will examine your blood pressure and conduct a routine physical.

A cardiologist in Troy, MI performs a physical

The physician will also ask you if you’re dealing with any common heart-related symptoms, like shortness of breath or chest pain. Depending on your condition, the physician may send you to the cardiologist near Troy, MI, to run further tests.

This process allows us to ensure that meeting with a cardiologist is absolutely necessary and not a waste of your time. 

Cardiology Services

Our own cardiologist in Troy, MI, Dr. Zakwan Mahjoub, is an expert in the human heart. He’s always been interested in how the organ works, and he’s committed his life to treating the conditions that may cause it to fail. At Tri-County, Dr. Mahjoub treats a variety of conditions, including:

Heart Arrhythmia – This condition results in an irregular heartbeat. In some cases, the heart beats too fast, and in others, too slow. Patients with heart arrhythmia may be prone to anxiety, excessive sweating, and even fainting.

Cardiomyopathy – Cardiomyopathy is a term for disorders that affect the heart muscle. This may impact the heart’s ability to pump blood. This condition may result in heart failure or cardiac arrest.

Heart Murmurs – A “heart murmur” is a term for the sound made when turbulent blood moves through the heart. Depending on the person, a murmur may be innocuous, or it may be a sign of a more serious condition.

Atrial Fibrillation – This condition manifests when the upper chambers of the heart beat at irregular intervals, resulting in a host of symptoms, including dizziness, chest pain, and fatigue.

Dr. Mahjoub treats these ailments and more. The idea of getting your heart checked can be a frightening one, especially if you suspect that you have a serious condition. But we’d rather catch any problems as soon as possible; that way, we can begin treatment and resolve the issues you’re experiencing.

Schedule an Appointment Today

You should visit a primary physician at least once a year, especially if you’re concerned about your heart. Ignoring your concerns may result in a host of more dire difficulties later on in life. 

Schedule a visit with your primary physician online, and we can get you in for an appointment as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate when it comes to your health. Take steps to live a longer, happier life. You’ll never regret it for a second.


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