Treat Foot Pain With the Help of a Podiatrist Near Troy, MI


A podiatrist near Troy, MI.

The old adage goes, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” We all take things for granted, especially the bare necessities.

So when you start to experience foot pain and you can’t walk down the street without severe discomfort and irritation, you begin to realize just how good you had it before.

Foot pain isn’t just a minor irritation; it’s a serious inconvenience that can have legitimate effects on your life. So if you’re tired of suffering in silence, what steps can you take to reduce or even erase foot pain? You call Tri-County Medical Clinic for the help of a podiatrist near Troy, MI.

Tri-County Medical Clinic

Tri-County Medical Clinic is the go-to destination for any of your healthcare needs near Troy, MI. Our clinic is top-notch, filled with quality treatments for any of your needs.

A treatment is only as good as its clinic, and our clinic is among the best of the best. We wanted to provide every treatment that we could, but we were sure not to sacrifice quality for quantity.

All of our treatments have been tried and tested by our team of highly trained medical specialists. We’ve amassed all the necessary technology, like X-ray machines and aesthetic lasers, so you can get the care you deserve. 

A Top-Notch Team

To start a clinic like ours, you need a team that shares your values. Every patient wants a medical team that will put in the work until the job is complete, and there are few practitioners more dedicated than ours.

The kind of quality care you'd expect from a podiatrist near Troy, MI.

You also want a team with a variety of specialties and backgrounds. Our team has MDs, nurse practitioners, DOs, DPMs, chiropractors, and more. You won’t ever have to worry about a lack of qualifications, because our team has been trained in multiple fields. So whether you’re hoping to meet with a cardiologist or a podiatrist near Troy, MI, we have the experts for you.

Whatever You Need

As we built the Tri-County Medical Clinic, it was important to us that we kept everything in-house. If possible, we’d prefer to not send you somewhere else to finish your treatment. You’re a busy person, and we understand how frustrating it can be to have to go to a second location just to continue your care.

When you come to our clinic, you expect to be treated in our clinic. In a business like the medical industry, patient comfort and satisfaction are of the highest priority. It helps you feel confident in our ability to treat any of your conditions. At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we won’t stop until you feel your best again.

A Podiatrist That Cares

A podiatrist is a doctor that handles conditions associated with the foot, ankle, and certain areas of the leg. Podiatry is an incredibly important part of medicine, as foot pain can have serious repercussions across the entire body.

Our own Dr. Oleh R. Lawrin is highly trained in the art of podiatry. He wasn’t always hoping to be a podiatrist, but when a foot infection nearly killed him as a young man, a podiatrist saved his life. Dr. Lawrin knew that he had to think deeply about his life’s calling. From there, he dedicated his life to understanding and treating dangerous foot conditions.

Now, Dr. Lawrin pays that life-saving act forward every single day.

Podiatric Care

When you meet with our podiatrist in Troy, MI, Dr. Lawrin will check out your medical history to see if there’s any history of foot conditions. He’ll also make sure you’re not on any medications that may affect your treatment.

Once that’s settled, Dr. Lawrin will examine your feet. He’ll likely have you walk around the office to see how you move and observe any troubling signs. He’ll also check for deformities and measure your blood flow. He may also order an X-ray or blood test.

Understanding your current condition will help Dr. Lawrin come up with effective treatment strategies.

Nail Treatment

One of the most important parts of Dr. Lawrin’s job is nail care. This might seem more like a cosmetic treatment than a medical one, but nail care is actually vital to ensuring that the foot stays healthy. Ingrown toenails may hurt, but there’s more to them than that.

Depending on your condition, ingrown toenails can result in complications that lead to a lack of blood flow in the foot. Once blood flow is impeded, you may sustain nerve damage in the foot. All because of a little ingrown nail.

So if you have a persistent ingrown toenail, you should consider meeting with a podiatrist in Troy, MI.

Back Pain

The foot is structured in a very specific way. It’s designed to help you walk easily, without pain and complications. But no two bodies are exactly the same, and some feet are better equipped to walk than others. If you find that your feet are especially flat, then you may develop other problems, such as back pain.

A woman runs well after visiting a podiatrist near Troy, MI.

Yes, the feet are such an important part of the body that they can result in complications in places like the back, knees, and hips. If you feel pain in these areas, you should consider going to a primary care physician, but you can help prevent these problems by scheduling an appointment with our podiatrist.


One of the ways that you can circumvent back pain and balance out the foot is with the help of orthotics.

Orthotics are small, comfortable inserts that go in the bottom of the shoe to correct a poorly structured foot. When you meet with Dr. Lawrin, he will examine your foot. If he finds that your foot structure needs to be corrected, he will personally mold your orthotic himself. 

Afterward, it’s as simple as sliding the orthotic inside your shoe, and then you can walk around like normal. Now that your foot is correctly balanced, you can walk comfortably without fear of causing long-lasting damage.


Diabetes is a life-altering condition that requires constant attention and care to prevent additional complications. Unfortunately, these complications can also manifest in the foot as well. A number of serious foot conditions may stem from diabetes.

For one, diabetes can result in a condition called neuropathy. You may have neuropathy if you feel a numbness or tingling in your foot. Because of this, wounds in the feet may go unnoticed and potentially lead to ulcers. Untreated ulcers can lead to the spread of infection or even amputation in extreme cases.

Anyone with diabetes should visit a podiatrist regularly, if only to ensure that no detrimental conditions are occurring in the foot. And if our podiatrist near Troy, MI, does diagnose you with any diabetes-related foot conditions, they can begin planning treatment as soon as possible.

Personal Treatment

The doctor’s office can be a scary place. When you walk through the doors of a clinic, odds are you’ve been worried about something.

Whether it’s a foot problem, back pain, or something else altogether, you just want to be treated with extra care. But all of our doctors, including Dr. Lawrin, are experts in building patient relationships.

We know that you’re concerned and that you’ve come here to feel better, so we encourage you to be as open with us as possible. Regardless of why you’ve come to Tri-County, we’re always here to listen, and we’ll do whatever we can to treat your condition.

A Convenient Add-On

Most people don’t consider going to a podiatrist near Troy, MI, until it’s too late. By the time they make an appointment, they already have an ingrown toenail, foot fungus, or something even worse, like a serious infection.

It’s important to try and catch these things as soon as possible, so we can begin treating them as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can schedule a meeting with our podiatrist while you meet with your primary care doctor. So you won’t even have to make a second appointment to get a foot checkup. This way, you can leave your regular checkup with peace of mind.

Don’t Drag Your Feet

Some of our patients are a little hesitant to meet with a foot doctor. Sometimes they don’t see it as a necessary part of their healthcare routine, or they’re worried that they’ll find a serious problem. But at Tri-County, we always strongly advise you to push past those concerns.

You’ll never know if you need podiatric care until you meet with a specialist. And if you are concerned that there’s something wrong with your foot, you should get it checked out as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk serious complications stemming from your condition.

A Medical Resource

Tri-County isn’t just a medical clinic. We also want to be a medical resource for anyone hoping to learn more about the industry. That’s why we started our own blog full of healthcare information. If you’re fascinated by any of our chosen fields, like geriatric care, cardiology, and, of course, podiatry, then you should consider taking a look.

A podiatrist near Troy, MI speaks to a patient

Our blog has tons of useful information about our treatments and the clinic itself. We update it frequently, because we know that our patients are safer and healthier when they’re well-informed.

Reach Out Now

At first, podiatry might not seem like a priority. But poor foot care can result in some serious problems. So if you’re at all concerned about your foot health, then we highly suggest making an appointment with our podiatrist in Troy, MI.

To get started, request an appointment online. It’s never been easier to take control of your health. Don’t wait until problems arise to get the care you deserve. Reach out to our team today.


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