Everything You Need to Know About NeoGenesis Recovery Serum 


Sifting through the endless noise of skincare products is often like hacking your way through the jungle: overwhelming and disappointing. If you want safe and effective options without the hassle, look no further than NeoGenesis. 

From anti-aging to acne scarring to open wounds, this product line provides medical-grade solutions. As its name implies, NeoGenesis restores life and revitalizes the health of your skin and hair. Their most powerful product is the NeoGenesis Recovery serum, with a formula containing 70% stem cell released molecules. 

Dr. Kenneth Wolok at Tri-County Medical Clinic has partnered with NeoGenesis to supply their skin and hair products to you. Let us help you cut through the trees by learning more about your options for NeoGenesis Recovery serum in Troy, MI.

What is NeoGenesis?

NeoGenesis is a skin and hair care line dedicated to helping people feel and look better. Backed by modern science, NeoGenesis is committed to evidence-based formulation and medical-grade manufacture. 

a scientist looks through a microscope to formulate neogenesis recovery serum

Science-Backed Products

NeoGenesis is supported by an incredible lab team. This team is led by revolutionary research scientist Dr. Greg Maguire. Dr. Maguire has been researching stem cells for over 30 years. His efforts have guided the development of stem cell skincare products since their beginning.

NeoGenesis prioritizes scientific proof and leading expertise in order to deliver results to you. The findings from their lab are shared with other first-rate research facilities as evidence of their devotion to the advancement of science. 

Exclusive Formulation for Great Results

Each of their products is unique to the company given their exclusive formulation. Many companies claim to use similar innovations to NeoGenesis, but many of them are using older technology.

For example, some skincare products use plant stem cells in place of human ones. Plants operate very differently from people, and their stem cells do not regenerate human skin. They may provide some benefits, but they will not rejuvenate skin as they claim. 

Neogenesis is defined as the regeneration of tissue. Similarly, products made by NeoGenesis imitate the body’s natural way of renewing your skin using adult stem cell released molecules. Their patented S²RM® technology is what makes their products different from other stem-cell-based skincare.

The Science

Not only does NeoGenesis use adult stem cells, they use tissue-specific stem cells. These cells have developed to be the most efficient at healing the skin.

The molecules being used have distinct properties, including growth factors, cytokines, and other signaling proteins. Each of these attributes is critical to the body’s natural healing process.

These are the same molecules made in greater quantities by the skin when it is healthy and young. By drawing on these effective stem cell molecules, NeoGenesis is capable of emulating the body’s natural restoration mechanisms. 

The NeoGenesis approach is founded on an organic mentality. They return to the body what was already there in youth. This commitment to clean components means that NeoGenesis products have no risk factors. That is why NeoGenesis Recovery serum in Troy, MI is safe to use after procedures.

The NeoGenesis Product Line

The NeoGenesis product line is quite extensive. They offer a wide array of carefully designed solutions to many common complications. This includes things like redness, irritation, dryness, and itching. 

Beyond these symptoms, NeoGenesis can provide enhanced healing after serious procedures. Even exceedingly damaged skin can be brought back to a healthier, more youthful condition with NeoGenesis products.

Oncology-Friendly for Cancer Treatment Support

Company-wide, NeoGenesis is committed to being oncology-friendly. They heavily emphasize their support for cancer patients. Many of their formulas are aimed at providing relief and comfort to those undergoing oncology treatments.

Tri-County Medical Clinic in Troy, MI, carries the NeoGenesis skin care line because it works. The science behind NeoGenesis is the inclusion of topical STEM cells and exosomes. These components can foster resilience and anti-aging in your skin. 

What is NeoGenesis Recovery?

NeoGenesis Recovery is an advanced cellular serum and their most potent offering. It is best for damaged or older skin. With a water base, the Recovery serum is light and absorbs quickly.

This product supports your body in healing faster and more fully. In turn, NeoGenesis can improve your quality of life.

Recovery +

Also available is NeoGenesis Recovery +. Recovery + comes in a spray rather than a serum to better address extra-tender areas. It is made to be completely clean and free of germs so that it is safe to use, even on open wounds. 

Both products impact the skin by providing nutrient-rich molecules to the body to heal compromised skin. NeoGenesis Recovery is particularly valuable to Tri-County Medical Clinic patients because it enhances the results of aesthetic procedures.

a medical professional speaks with a patient about medical-grade products
The Importance of Medical-Grade Products

Medical-grade products are the best way to maintain results from in-clinic treatments. Products that aren’t medical-grade often only look, smell, and feel good. They are not proven by scientific methods.

The medical-grade label is indicative of higher-quality ingredients and stricter regulations. In fact, the ingredients are prescription-grade, meaning they are highly stabilized. This allows the product to last longer on the shelf and in the skin.

Prescription-grade ingredients are able to more efficiently penetrate the dermis. This increases the level of function the product has and improves the delivery of the benefits, sending them deeper into the layers of the skin.

If you want to use proven products with medical-grade ingredients, you should consider NeoGenesis Recovery serum in Troy, MI at Tri-County Medical.

What is NeoGenesis Recovery for?

There are many concerns NeoGenesis Recovery can alleviate. Pore size, uneven tone, and rough texture can all be minimized using NeoGenesis Recovery. It is also known to improve the smoothness and tightness of aging skin.

Additional issues, such as ongoing acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation, are also susceptible to the impact of NeoGenesis Recovery.

NeoGenesis Recovery is safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin. It even lessens eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. A product that is both effective and gentle can be tough to come across. That is why this oncology-friendly serum is a must-try.

Using NeoGenesis Recovery as Procedure Aftercare

Tri-County Medical Clinic in Troy, MI, recommends the Recovery serum for the aftercare of most procedures. For example, microneedling, laser, and chemical peel recipients could all benefit from NeoGenesis Recovery. Here’s why:

Microneedling and NeoGenesis

Morpheus8 microneedling with RF is a popular method of skin rejuvenation at Tri-County Medical Clinic. This treatment involves creating micro-wounds in the skin while simultaneously delivering radiofrequency energy. This process stimulates the skin’s healing mode and the production of new collagen. 

Microneedling is used to address sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and acne scarring. The Morpheus8 technology penetrates deeper than any other option on the aesthetic market. Ultimately, the goal is to foster more youthful, tighter skin.

NeoGenesis is highly recommended because it helps in the post-procedure healing process. Not only will you see results more quickly, but the results will be better as a result of the healing powers in NeoGenesis.

Lasers and NeoGenesis

CoolPeel CO2 Laser is a fractional resurfacing treatment option commonly administered at Tri-County Medical Clinic. This procedure aims to incrementally lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles, acne scars, pore size, and skin texture.

It uses the latest technological advancements in skin resurfacing lasers to alleviate face, neck, décolletage, and hand concerns. Resulting from the treatment will be microscopic lesions intended to activate the skin’s natural healing process.

Therefore, NeoGenesis Recovery serum in Troy, MI is helpful in promoting healing and enhancing the treatment’s anti-aging results.

a man recieves a laser skin treatment which could be enhanced using neogenesis recovery serum in troy
Chemical Peels and NeoGenesis

Chemical peels are another facial rejuvenation tactic at Tri-County Medical Clinic. They use a chemical exfoliation serum on the skin to remove its topmost, damaged layer. Following this treatment, fresh skin from below will be revealed.

As you can imagine, in the days following the procedure, the skin is in a fragile state. NeoGenesis Recovery serum is the perfect topical solution to encourage healing.

Ultimately, the skin will emerge with improvements in hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots, fine lines, and uneven texture.

More Procedures to Pair With NeoGenesis Recovery Serum

Listed below are other procedures performed at Tri-County Medical Clinic that could be benefited by incorporating the NeoGenesis Recovery serum into your aftercare:

Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel

Acne Scarring Reduction

Lumecca IPL

CryoFacial for Active Acne and Rosacea 

Subnovii Plasma Pen

Cosmelan MD

How do you use NeoGenesis Recovery?

The Recovery serum is simple to use. Begin by cleansing the area you wish to apply it to, then massage the serum into the skin. This product is intended for the face, neck, and décolletage.

a woman uses cotton pads to apply neogenesis recovery serum to her face


  • For aging skin, use daily
  • For chronic or traumatized skin, use twice daily
  • To maintain results, continue use of Recovery 3 to 4 times per week

Recovery +

Recovery + is used quite similarly to the standard product. After cleansing, spray on the compromised area and massage lightly if desired. If the skin affliction is chronic or traumatized, use Recovery + 2 to 3 times a day. 

This product can be applied directly before and after oncology or other professional treatments for additional fortification of the skin.

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Are you looking to reduce the appearance of unwanted spots, lines, and redness? Are you hoping to speed along healing post-operation? Are you wanting to slow aging and return to a youthful glow?

NeoGenesis Recovery is the ideal solution to your desires. Do not forget to consider Recovery + as well as the full scope NeoGenesis products.

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