Your Solution to Thinning Hair: NeoGenesis 


Thinning hair is a common complaint as we age and encounter stressors. Fine hair can be difficult to style and diminish your confidence. Don’t just stand by when there is something you can do to make a difference in your hair loss.

NeoGenesis Hair Thickening solution, one of our top recommendations at Tri-County Medical Clinic, is how you can make that difference. Dr. Kenneth Wolok has partnered with NeoGenesis to supply their skin and hair products to you.

NeoGenesis makes skin and hair products backed by modern science. Their formulations include a diverse range of options for everything from surgical recovery to anti-aging.

What is best for thickening hair?

Advancements in science tell us that adult stem cell released molecules are the future of regenerative medicine. NeoGenesis had paved the way for this sort of research.

Their patented S²RM® technology is what makes their products unique from other stem-cell-based skincare. NeoGenesis is proud to have one of the leading labs in stem cell research. 

NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum

This product is specifically designed for people with fine or thinning hair. It is a great alternative or supplement to more invasive treatments.

The Hair Thickening serum is a potent formulation that includes 60% S²RM®. The natural molecules in this solution will strengthen and nourish your hair. You will notice more shine and density, increased body, and reductions in shedding.

The product works by renormalizing the hair follicles through the body’s natural rejuvenation process.

What are the benefits of NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Solution?

  • Increases the appearance of hair density
  • Supports hair health
  • Can be used daily
  • Oncology-friendly

How do you use NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Solution?

To use the NeoGenesis Hair Thickening solution, begin by applying 2 to 3 drops directly to the problem areas of the scalp. Then, gently massage the product into the scalp and roots of your hair. 

After applying the product, you can style your hair as usual. It is important to keep the product out of your eyes. NeoGenesis Hair Thickening serum is for external use only.

Additionally, this product should be kept at room temperature away from direct sun, heat, and excessive moisture to maintain its effectiveness.

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