Smooth Away Imperfections With Our Acne Scar Treatment in Troy, MI


A patient uses gloves to look at their scars before an acne scar treatment in Troy

Everyone experiences some form of acne within their lifetime, whether it be during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. Finally developing a routine of medical-grade skin care and getting your breakouts under control is a huge accomplishment, but the scars it leaves behind can make it feel like less of a confidence boost.

1 out of every 5 people who struggle with acne also struggle with scarring, which can be even more impossible to address on your own. As your skin attempts to repair itself after a breakout, inflammation causes it to grow back as scar tissue rather than new healthy cells. Tired of not seeing results from drugstore scar creams and serums? The skin experts at Troy Laser Center have outlined why you should consider opting for our acne scar treatment in Troy. 

How the CO2 CoolPeel Laser regenerates tissue

Meet the new gold standard acne scar treatment in Troy: the CO2 CoolPeel! This revolutionary skin resurfacing laser gently removes damaged tissue while boosting your collagen production. 

This not only heals scar tissue by producing brand new tissue, but also tightens your skin without surgery. Through this high peak short pulse energy, our skin experts create controlled superficial microinjuries to kickstart your body’s natural healing process—no external agents involved. You’ll start to notice improvements in your skin’s tone and texture within a week, with continuous improvements as your skin continues to heal for months to come.

The Trifecta facial: the 3-in-1 for everyone

If you’re looking for a multi-beneficial acne scar treatment in Troy, you’re in luck! Our Trifecta treatment combines CO2 CoolPeel technology with microneedling to address current breakouts and scars in one pass. This highly personalized treatment allows you to bring past, present, and future breakouts to a halt. 

Visit Troy Laser Center’s experts for the #1 acne scar treatment in Troy!

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We recognize that alongside acne, aging is a dominant aesthetic concern, so we also offer non-invasive jowl treatments and jawline filler in Sterling Heights! No matter your aesthetic goals, our team has the experience, compassion, and revolutionary technologies to make your dreams a reality. To kickstart your journey, try our convenient online assessment tool to get pointed towards the right treatments based on your needs. We can’t wait to help you unveil your true self!