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Anti-Aging Skin Products Near Me

Anti-Aging Topical Skin Care

Products by Skin Medica , Defenage , Calecim Professional and Revision

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What are SkinMedica Topical Skin Care Products?

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Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a renowned dermatologist, launched SkinMedica back in 1999

With the original Dermal Repair Cream, followed by the TNS Renewal Complex ( their proprietary growth factor formula) in 2001, and then the upgraded growth factor TNS Essential Serum in 2008. Skin Medica’s evolutionary  TNS Advanced + Serum – “next generation of age-defying skin”- was just released in 2020. Their TNS Serum was the first ever topical anti-aging growth factor serum composed of almost 95%  stabilized human growth factors harvested with a SkinMedica patented process; process that assured  stability and quality.

What SkinMedica Treats

Using anti-aging skin products in Detroit Tri-County area, we can treat:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • age spots and sun spots
  • large pores
  • uneven texture and dry skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • undereye circles

SkinMedica Product Spotlight

TNS® Advanced+ Serum                                                                                                                                       

  • all-in-one anti-aging growth factor serum
  • Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award for 2019
  • unparalleled  combination of 450 high-quality , stable  human growth factors powered by an innovative peptide complex
  • radical results starting in just 2 weeks of twice daily application
  • smooths fine lines and coarse wrinkles
  • improves sagging skin

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Anti Aging Skin Care Products Near me

Here’s how our anti-aging skin products work.

How SkinMedica Works

The SkinMedica topical anti-aging product line is currently available exclusively through our online store in collaboration with Allergan’s BrilliantConnections e-commerce platform. For patients who are new to SkinMedica products, Troy Laser Center recommends taking advantage of Allergan’s exclusive rewards program- Alle Rewards.The program is free of cost to sign up and patients earn points for every time they purchase SkinMedica products- the points can be automatically redeemed as a discount in our online store. Not sure which products to start with? Please contact our medical aesthetician at Troy Laser Center for a complimentary skin care product consultation- she is also available to assist with your Alle Rewards sign up process.

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Anti Aging Skin Care Products Near me

Get in-depth details about our anti-aging skin products in Metro Detroit  Tri-County.




Calecim Professional

Troy Laser Center strongly believes in the power of daily home care regimen. Yes, we at Troy Laser Center can achieve some powerful results with the combination of  laser skin resurfacing, photofacials, microneedling, and Botox and facial fillers, but how you take care of your skin daily is as equally important. A skin care regimen combining  researched , high-quality , stable ingredients that work synergistically and are capable of actually penetrating through the top layer is essential in enhancing, maintaining, and prolonging the results from in-clinic procedures.

Troy Laser Center is an authorized  professional provider of Revision Skin Care – anti-aging topical line of products with a unique formulation philosophy and a groundbreaking technology of THD Ascorbate and Microbiome for youthful and healthy skin. For a customized skin care home regimen with Revision Skin Care schedule a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician prior to your purchase.

Defenage Skin Care – topical exclusive technology formulated with patent-pending defensins for powerful skin rejuvenation is available in the clinic with a provider specific discount by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician.

Calecim Professional – developed from skin regeneration technology where active proteins derived from cord lining stem cells are able to effectively treat signs of skin aging.  The active proteins, by sending cellular messages to the skin, increase hyaluronic acid and elastin levels as well as skin density. These cellular messages work in tandem to activate skin cells to act in a more youthful manner. They are able to work on multiple signs of aging to achieve skin that is healthier, more resilient and radiant. Purchase directly through the TLC link and receive 15% discount (discount automatically applied at check out).

Troy Laser Center has collaborated with Allergan, the maker of Botox and Juvederm fillers as well as the mother company of SkinMedica, to offer our patients the opportunity to purchase SkinMedica topical products through our website utilizing Allergan’s BrilliantConnections platform.

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Anti Aging Skin Care Products Near me

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