Why Our CoolPeel Is the #1 Skin Damage Treatment in Sterling Heights


A mature man smiles during a laser skin damage treatment in Sterling Heights

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they’re 70 years old. If that’s not reason enough to start taking care of your skin now, we have plenty more. You should consider that photoaging begins to affect your skin as soon as your late teenage years—but what if your skin is already damaged?

While practically every skin specialist agrees that preventing damage altogether is ideal, we understand that many patients aren’t aware of the importance of preventative care and may not have access to guidance. Troy Laser Center’s CO2 skin damage treatment in Sterling Heights offers undeniable results with a fraction of the downtime compared to other resurfacing treatments. Here’s a look at why our team and patients alike love CoolPeel technology.

Smooth away stubborn scars & lines

Even if you’re no longer fighting active acne, acne scars can make you remain feeling like you’ve lost. Our CO2 skin damage treatment in Sterling Heights gently removes the uppermost layers of your skin (AKA the epidermis), therefore removing these scars and fine lines without requiring you to go under the knife or even a syringe!

The CoolPeel is a crucial step to our most popular acne scar treatment in Sterling Heights: the Trifecta. Here, we combine Deka Tetra technology and RF microneedling with the power of CO2 to target more severe scarring on a deeper level while simultaneously shrinking down your pores.

Minimize hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation comes in a range of forms, from sunspots to melasma. While these aren’t typically threats to your health, they can leave you longing for an even complexion. Our specialists recommend our CoolPeel in Sterling Heights to break down these uneven patches of stored melanin. This unique skin damage treatment in Sterling Heights works through deep exfoliation, so these patches will simply slough off!

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