Achieving a Clean Slate With a Melasma Treatment in Sterling Heights


close up of a woman's face with acne scars

While you may enjoy the serotonin-boost that lounging in the sun provides, you likely don’t enjoy the tolls harmful UV rays take on your skin. Whether it be from outside or a tanning bed, UV exposure causes your skin to produce more pigment, resulting in the tanning of your skin. 

However, this isn’t a seamless process. Different areas of your skin react to exposure unevenly, producing varying pigments throughout your skin and leading to patchy dark spots known as melasma.

While proper suncare is vital to avoiding melasma, it’s never too late to reverse current spots! Here’s everything you need to know about evening out your complexion with our melasma treatment in Sterling Heights, Hollywood Spectra, directly from the skin experts at Troy Laser Center.

What is melasma?

Before we get to how we treat melasma, how do you know if you have it? If you’ve noticed brown or gray toned patches on your skin, it’s time to seek professional help. While melasma itself isn’t dangerous, it can knock your confidence. 

These dark patches are often most noticeable on the face, as your facial features likely get the most UV exposure. However, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and other internal factors can also lead to this development. Melasma can last for years to come as it is typically chronic, so coming to a professional for your melasma treatment in Sterling Heights is the best option. 

Harnessing light energy to replenish your skin

The Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel combines concern-specific light energy wavelengths to create a cellular change within your skin! By combining laser technology with a personalized carbon-based solution, this treatment breaks down unwanted pigmentation and gently exfoliates on the surface and in deep layers of the dermis for undeniable results.

Not only is Holywood Spectra the premier melasma treatment in Sterling Heights for all skin types, including Asian skin, it also serves as a non-invasive anti aging laser treatment

After we’ve removed dead skin and pigmentation build-up, your provider then uses a laser to stimulate new collagen production for natural rejuvenation and enjoy a smooth, youthful complexion that lasts.

Visit Troy Laser Center’s skin experts for an effective melasma treatment in Sterling Heights!

Ready to experience your best skin ever? Troy Laser Center’s experienced providers are dedicated to maximizing your confidence however you see fit. 

Not sure if our melasma treatment in Sterling Heights is right for you? Contact us today to schedule your consultation, where we’ll take the time to get to know you, your skin, and your goals so we can tailor our care to you. Our specialists are also proud to offer The Trifecta, the new gold standard acne scar treatment in Sterling Heights, for patients in their teens and up. For instant personalized treatment recommendations, don’t forget to try our convenient virtual consultation tool at your leisure. We can’t wait to help you rediscover your glow!