A Guide to Geriatric Medication Management in Sterling Heights


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The average older adult patient takes 6+ essential medications, so monitoring your body’s reaction as these prescriptions interact and change is essential to ensuring your wellbeing. Different medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, require different dosages at different times and in different forms, which can grow difficult to keep track of on a daily basis. 

Beyond checking that your medications are taken properly, medication specialists also oversee how your body reacts to this combination. As you age, your liver and kidneys don’t always operate as well as they once did, which can lead to dangerous side effects and further health risks. Here’s everything you need to know about geriatric medication management in Sterling Heights from Tri-County Medical Clinic’s professionals. 

Why is prescription management important?

Beyond being held accountable for taking your prescriptions accordingly, which bears its own hardships with memory loss, a medication manager also ensures that these medicines are working. As we mentioned, your liver and kidney can’t break down medications like they once could, which hinders your ability to metabolize the medication leading to dangerous levels of drug build-up

Geriatric medication management in Sterling Heights not only helps you navigate your prescription’s effectiveness, but also keeps an eye on any potential side effects. Through regular check-ups, your doctor will note any changes or concerns and trace back the root cause, adjusting your medication plan as needed to guarantee your peace of mind. We also offer vaccination management, including your flu and Pneumonia vaccines, as well as other shots into the equation.

How to find a trusted provider to oversee your medications

As you tack on the years, finding a geriatric specialist in Sterling Heights you can trust and openly voice your concerns to grows exponentially more important. Remember that we are here to serve you, tailoring our care to your needs so you can lead your happiest and healthiest life. Open communication is the backbone of reliable geriatric medication management in Sterling Heights, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation before you decide on a provider. 

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