Laser Acne Scar Removal in Sterling Heights, Michigan

acne scar laser removal

What is laser acne scar removal?

Laser treatment for acne scarring is a highly effective procedure, which can drastically soften and minimize the scarred tissue. With the emergence of new laser technologies in the last few years, significant improvement can be accomplished. For superficial/mild acne scars a series of a non-ablative/non-invasive yag laser treatments such as the Cutera Laser Genesis or our new non-ablative fractional LaseMD are recommended, while moderate to deep acne scars (ice pick, boxcar, or rolling) require an ablative laser resurfacing  such as the erbium:yag Pearl Fractional by Cutera. The choice of laser depends, ultimately, on the depth of the scar tissue. Laser acne scar removal is available at Troy Laser Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan, performed by our expert skin doctors.

Can laser treatment remove acne scars?

Many patients suffer from acne scars. Once the inflammatory acne clears up, patients are often left with moderate to deep acne scarring that could affect their appearance for the rest of their lives.

At Troy Laser Center, we offer the latest technology in acne scar treatment options, including non-ablative and ablative fractional lasers, which can greatly diminish the depth and appearance of acne scars.

What does laser acne scar removal involve?

Prior to laser acne scar removal therapy, you will need to book an appointment with one of our staff members at Troy Laser Center to discuss your aesthetic goals. One of our experienced laser technicians will listen to your personal needs and expectations, analyze the acne scarring, and recommend the appropriate laser treatment.

If laser therapy is a good option for you, we will schedule a treatment at a convenient date. Depending on the type of laser being used, a topical numbing solution might be applied to the treatment area about 30 min prior to minimize any discomfort. The LaseMD laser treatment can take up to 30 minutes, resulting in a mild like sunburn downtime for 2-3 days. The Pearl Fractional ablative laser treatment is more aggressive: it comes with a downtime of up to 7 days. Once the skin recovers, you can see noticeable improvement in the acne scarring; due to the ongoing stimulation of the underlying collagen fibers, the appearance of the acne scarring keeps  improving for up to 6 months.  We will provide post treatment instructions/protocol for proper home care.

What are the advantages of using laser for acne scar removal?

Choosing to use lasers for acne scar removal at Troy Laser Center can offer you many benefits:

  • Experienced laser technicians under physician/medical supervision
  • Choice of laser treatments from superficial acne scarring to deep scars
  • Excellent follow-up care


If you are interested in laser acne scar treatment and removal, the first step is to consult with the expert healthcare providers at Troy Laser Center. Call our office today at (586) 979-5100, ext. 3. You may also use the form on this page to send an inquiry directly to our Sterling Heights, MI office.

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