Anti-Aging Treatment in Sterling Heights: Preserve Your Youth With Hollywood Spectra


mature man looking at himself in the mirror

With age comes experience, knowledge, and unfortunately, wrinkles. Looking to hold onto that wisdom but kick the wrinkles? Not everyone is ready for the financial and time commitments that come with surgeries like facelifts; meet your saving grace: Hollywood Spectra

This unique laser peel technology is a cutting edge anti-aging treatment in Sterling Heights without the cutting, using targeted light energy to create skin changes on a cellular level for lasting results. Here’s a breakdown of this revolutionary treatment from the experienced skin specialists at Troy Laser Center in Sterling Heights, MI.

The root causes of noticeable aging

The most common aesthetic concerns revolve around skin quality, which naturally decreases over the years, but why? The leading internal factor causing skin aging is decreased collagen production. As our bodies produce less collagen, our skin becomes more thin and delicate and begins sagging over time. 

We create all kinds of facial expressions on a daily basis, not to mention talking and chewing, which cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Young skin with bountiful collagen can “snap back,” but with the loss of collagen our skin can get “stuck” in these positions. 

How Hollywood Spectra reverses aging at a cellular level

Searching for the best anti aging laser treatment near you that doesn’t require downtime? Meet Hollywood Spectra: the revolutionary key to natural, graceful aging. This all-inclusive treatment combines a traditional carbon mask with advanced laser technology for maximum exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

Aging can take a toll on your skin’s texture, creating a leather-like feel thanks to the sun. Our multi-depth focus laser teams up with carbon to relieve your skin of any dead or damaged cells, leaving you smooth and clear! 

Unlike a chemical peel, which primarily targets the surface, this treatment stimulates new collagen production for continuous improvement for long-term effects. The deep collagen stimulation allows for healthy cell turnover, leaving your skin looking and feeling younger on a cellular level!

Come to Troy Laser Center for the #1 anti aging laser treatment near you!

Who doesn’t want smooth, glowing, youthful skin? If you’re ready to schedule your Hollywood Spectra appointment, Troy Laser Center’s providers are here to serve you with an unmatched experience. Our practice prioritizes your experience and results above all else.

Contact our team today to schedule your appointment and begin your self-love journey with expert guidance! Whether you’re interested in our melasma treatment, acne scar treatment, or anti-aging treatment in Sterling Heights, our team can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. For instant treatment recommendations based on your concerns, you can also try our hassle-free virtual consultation tool! You deserve to feel comfortable in your skin, but allow us to take you even further and feel confident.