Misconceptions About Dermal Fillers in Sterling Heights, MI


Woman getting Dermal Fillers in Sterling Heights, MI

Your face doesn’t have the vibrancy that it used to. This isn’t your fault—it’s life! As we use our faces and gravity pulls at the skin, you may notice wrinkles and volume loss. And while this happens to everyone eventually, it’s probably not your preferred look.

You miss when you looked smooth, energized, and young. Of course, you could try dermal fillers in Sterling Heights, MI, but you might be hesitant. We’ve all seen the pictures of poorly done dermal filler procedures—the ones that leave the recipient looking frozen and unnatural. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Dermal Filler Misconceptions

There are plenty of misconceptions about dermal fillers in Sterling Heights, MI. But you shouldn’t let those get in the way of scheduling a treatment that will help you feel confident again! Dermal fillers are an FDA-approved method to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

In that spirit, our team at Tri-County Medical Clinic is going to outline some of the common misconceptions surrounding dermal fillers and disprove them. That way, you can get excited about your own dermal filler appointment.

“My dermal fillers will look unnatural!”

Most of our patients hesitate to schedule a dermal filler for this very reason. They’re scared that once they receive a few fillers, their face will be completely immobile. But this isn’t true.

The only reason a person may look artificial following a treatment is due to an untrained practitioner or an overabundance of filler.

But at Tri-County Medical Clinic, we only hire experienced, well-trained aesthetic specialists. We’ll also be sure to only administer the dermal fillers that you need to regain your youthful look. We won’t overfill your face, so you won’t be left looking frozen and stiff.

“I’m not the right age for dermal fillers!”

Many of our patients think that they’re too young (or too old) for dermal fillers in Sterling Heights, MI. But it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 70; you can still benefit from a dermal filler treatment. We have several different types of dermal fillers to suit your individual needs:

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus – Ultra Plus is meant to treat lines and wrinkles around the mouth, as well as plump thin lips.
  • Juvederm Voluma – Voluma can help treat a lack of volume in the chin and cheeks.
  • Juvederm Vollure – Vollure is designed to help treat moderate to severe marionette and smiling lines.
  • Juvederm Volbella – And finally, Volbella treats pucker lines, which are vertical lines on the lips. It can also add a less pronounced increase to your lip volume.

“I don’t need dermal fillers! I already received Botox!”

Contrary to popular belief, Botox and dermal fillers are not the same thing. Yes, it’s true that Botox is also designed to treat wrinkles and fine lines, but the methods in which these treatments reduce wrinkle prominence vary greatly.

Botox reduces mobility in certain muscles in order to halt the troublesome movements that cause lines. Dermal fillers in Sterling Heights, MI, actually fill in specific areas of the face with a specialized hyaluronic acid called a filler. When the skin has more volume, the wrinkles fade away naturally.

So if you already have Botox but want to see the volume in your face restored, consider a dermal filler.

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