Questions About IV Hydration in Sterling Heights, MI


A man gets an energy boost from IV Hydration in Sterling Heights, MI

You’ve just woken up, and you feel a little… out of it. Your tongue is dry, you have a headache, and you’re achy all over. You’re not sick, but you’re just not at 100%. There’s no doubt about it—you need a boost. If you’re like plenty of other Americans, you’ve probably heard of IV hydration therapy. It’s a quick procedure that’s sweeping the country.

IV hydration in Sterling Heights, MI, is a simple treatment that can return some pep to your step. But what exactly is it, and how can you feel the rejuvenating results for yourself? At Tri-County Longevity Center inside Tri-County Medical Clinic we want to answer your questions about IV hydration. Be prepared for our soon to be opened Longevity Center.

What is the best choice for IV hydration in Sterling Heights, MI?

The Myers’ Cocktail is an excellent choice for IV hydration in Sterling Heights, MI. The Myers’ Cocktail is a specialized IV infusion that will change from patient to patient. First, you’ll meet with a trained medical practitioner and tell them your goals for your IV therapy.

You’ll explain what you’re hoping to treat, and from there, the practitioner can get to work formulating your custom cocktail. This cocktail’s effects may vary greatly between patients, so be sure to answer openly and honestly during your consultation. We’re here to help! 

What does the Myers’ Cocktail treat?

The Myers’ Cocktail can treat a wide variety of different symptoms and conditions. Because the Myers’ Cocktail is so customizable, a practitioner can modify the treatment to fit your specific needs.

One of the major benefits of the Myers’ Cocktail is increased levels of hydration. If you find that you’re not feeling great and need fluids fast, the Myers’ Cocktail is a great way to increase your fluid intake on short notice. It can also help with certain psychological conditions, like stress and anxiety.

Finally, the Myers’ Cocktail is also designed to help with some other physical concerns, like migraines and even asthma.

Are there any side effects associated with this treatment?

Many people who are considering IV hydration in Sterling Heights, MI, are worried about side effects. When a new, exciting medical treatment hits the market, it’s always a good idea to ask questions about the lasting effects. Fortunately, the Myers’ Cocktail does not result in any long-lasting side effects.

Likely, the only adverse effects you’ll notice will be around the treatment area itself. You may see some redness or swelling, but not to worry; these side effects are entirely temporary, and they will likely go away without any outside help.

How often do I need this treatment?

Unlike some aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers and Botox, the Myers’ Cocktail is not meant to last for extended periods of time. Instead, it’s meant to help you feel energized and refreshed when you’re feeling a little deflated. Luckily, you can schedule several IV hydration appointments in a single week.

If you love the way that the Myers’ Cocktail makes you feel, it can become a part of your routine. We don’t want to limit patients who need that extra kick, so let your provider know if you’re interested in scheduling multiple IV hydration sessions.

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