Incorporating Preventative Care Into Your Diabetic Foot Exam in Sterling Heights


People with diabetes understand that regular doctor’s visits to ensure their healthy glucose levels are crucial. But how often do you need a diabetic foot exam in Sterling Heights?

About 1 in 10 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes—requiring a wide range of lifestyle changes so you can keep doing the things you love. Beyond affecting how your body converts food into energy, up to 25% of diabetics also struggle with diabetic foot ulcers. 

These painful ulcers, caused by reduced blood flow to your extremities, can cause numbness, infection, and in severe cases, amputation. Hence why regular visits to a diabetes and lipids clinic are so important, as catching (or preventing) infections and other problems early on allows you to stay on your feet. Tri-County Medical Clinic’s providers have outlined everything you need to know about foot exams.  

Why do you need an annual diabetic foot exam in Sterling Heights?

Roughly 70% of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy, leading to nerve damage in their ligaments that can limit their movement. Over 70,000 limb amputations are performed every year in the U.S. alone.

We know these numbers set off alarm bells, but we’re here to help you avoid these drastic measures. Typically, our patients come in for a foot exam every year, allowing us to catch early signs of foot neuropathy and build your treatment plan accordingly. Some of the most common warning signs include:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Sudden shooting pains
  • Lack of coordination
  • Muscle weakness

How our providers build your treatment plan

Upon meeting with our team, we’ll perform a round of blood tests and a wellness exam to evaluate your current state. We’ll then review your results with you, discussing any concerns you may have so we can tailor our action plan. 

Many patients seek assistance with diabetic weight loss in Sterling Heights, and our providers are here to offer unmatched guidance! Combining science-backed methods based on your unique goals allows you to maintain the lifestyle you desire as soon and as long as possible.

Adding preventive care into the equation

You shouldn’t only schedule a diabetic foot exam in Sterling Heights if you’re experiencing symptoms. Beyond addressing your current concerns, our team also takes note of any “red flags” that could become concerns down the line, offering preventative treatments, too. For example, we may recommend specific insoles or moisture-wicking socks in the early stages of foot neuropathy. 

—Come to Tri-County Medical Clinic’s experts for your diabetic foot exam in Sterling Heights

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Not sure if you have early signs of foot neuropathy? You can also try out our convenient virtual consultation tool to get pointed in the right direction in minutes. We look forward to meeting you and putting your health back in your hands!