The Benefits of Morpheus8 Near Troy, MI


A woman receives a treatment with Morpheus8 near Troy, MI

Are you tired of buying concealer to cover up blemishes? You should feel confident about your skin, whether you’re done up for a night out or just sitting on the couch.

But how can you feel confident when you’re obsessing over your wrinkles, acne scarring, and loose skin? Well, fortunately, there are ways you can eliminate those common skin conditions and take back your self-esteem.

At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we have plenty of versatile, effective treatments. If you’re looking for a treatment with minimal downtime and impressive results, you should consider trying Morpheus8 near Troy, MI.

Tri-County Medical Clinic

Tri-County Medical Clinic is the top choice for patients looking for Morpheus8 near Troy, MI. This is because our clinic was founded on the simple idea that everyone deserves top-notch aesthetic care.

The vast majority of people feel insecure about themselves, but there’s no reason to feel self-conscious when we have the medical technology necessary to lessen and eliminate your aesthetic insecurities.

Our providers are well-trained and ready to provide a vast array of high-quality aesthetic procedures. If you think you could benefit from one of our treatments, schedule a consultation.

The First Step

The consultation is a very important part of the work we do at Tri-County Medical Clinic. We can’t be sure what kind of treatment you may need, even if you come in with some ideas of your own

Every patient is different, so it can be difficult to predict how you may react to a specific treatment.

So, on the day of your consultation, we’ll ask you a number of questions about what you’re hoping to gain from your aesthetic procedure. We’ll discuss your medical history, as well, and examine your areas of concern.

These steps allow us to gain important information about your cosmetic needs, so we can develop the right treatment to meet your goals.

The Treatment Process

When you come in for Morpheus8 near Troy, MI, we’ll be sure to let you ask any final questions you have about the process, and then we’ll get started. First, we’ll numb the treatment area with the help of a topical anesthetic.

Once that’s set in, we’ll treat the area with the handheld Morpheus8 applicator. The Morpheus8 treatment works through two different methods. First, the specialized microneedles will create small, controlled injuries in the skin.

The device will also stimulate the treatment area with RF (or radiofrequency energy). These both serve to induce the production of collagen and elastin proteins in the skin, which are paramount to the development of healthy tissue. Skin will be smoother, and loose areas will become tighter.

The Aftermath

We recommend that you set aside 2 hours for the entire appointment, but once that’s over, you’ll be free to go.

You will likely need to return for a follow-up treatment as well. We usually suggest 3 total initial treatments, each spaced apart over 12 weeks. Your skin won’t immediately be smooth following the procedure.

In fact,you may have some redness and pinpoint scabs on the skin. But after a few days, that should subside. You may notice significant improvements in just 2 weeks, but those results will only continue to improve for as much as 6 months after your first treatment.

Start Your Wellness Journey

If you think you could be the right candidate for Morpheus8, then reach out to our team at Tri-County Medical Clinic. Not ready to talk just yet? Then consider trying our aesthetic treatment planner tool.

A woman examines the results of Morpheus8 near Troy, MI

This tool allows you to answer a few questions, entirely from the comfort of your home, office, or living room. We’ll take a look at what you need and send a personalized care recommendation directly to you. Give it a try now.

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