Results Without Downtime Thanks to Hollywood Spectra Near Troy, MI


A woman receives a treatment for Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI

Sometimes, it can be difficult to wait for something you want. Everyone can understand the pain that comes with ordering something online and waiting by the door for the mailman to finally drop it off. And the same is true with skincare.

If you’ve noticed that your skin isn’t as smooth and clear as you want it to be, then you may be feeling tempted to get a cosmetic treatment. But if you have a busy schedule or prior engagements, you might not have the time to take off work and recover.

Fortunately, not every treatment requires extensive downtime. At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we want to help you see the aesthetic results without the lengthy recovery. And we can make that happen by treating your skin with the Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI.

Tri-County Cares

Tri-County Medical Clinic is staffed by team members who care deeply about each and every one of their patients.

At Tri-County, every one of our patients is important to us, no matter their condition or chosen method of treatment. We were founded because we wanted to do something different from the rest of the medical clinics.

We saw for ourselves how we could improve the medical experience for everyone. Our practitioners really take the time to get to know the people in their care. So, when you meet with us, you know you’re getting a high-quality treatment.

The Initial Consultation

Before we schedule your treatment with the Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI, we need to complete a consultation.

The consultation is a standard and vital part of the Tri-County process. Sometimes, we meet with patients who already have an idea of the treatment that they may want.

And while it’s always fantastic to come to our meetings prepared, we will need to make an examination of our own, just to ensure that your preferred treatment will provide you with the best possible results.

We’ll ask you about what you’re hoping to attain from treatment, and then we’ll examine your concerns. This gives us a better idea of what might be the best procedure for you.

Hollywood Spectra

The Hollywood Spectra is perfect at treating a number of different skin conditions, like:

  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Liver spots
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Fine lines 

On the day of your appointment for Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI, you can ask some more questions about the process, and then we’ll take you into the treatment room and begin.

First, we will rub the specialized carbon mask over the face, which feels similar to a mud mask at the spa. We will then pass a laser over the mask, which heats it and allows it to seep into the skin.

This process works doubly to exfoliate and produce collagen, a protein for the construction of healthy, smooth skin. After this process is complete, we will cleanse your face and send you on your way.

You may begin seeing results immediately after the treatment is complete, and there’s no downtime. We like to say that Hollywood Spectra is appropriately named, because the lack of recovery time means that, if you wanted, you could hit the red carpet the night of your treatment.

Get Started Now

If you think you might be a good fit for Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI, then you can find out now. Just head over to our aesthetic treatment planner. This tool is an excellent resource for anyone considering aesthetic care.

A doctor discusses Hollywood Spectra near Troy, MI

Just answer the provided questions, and we can begin working on your custom Tri-County care plan. It takes just a few minutes, so there’s no reason to put it off. Try it today!

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