Why You Should Consider Flu Shots in Troy, MI


A woman receives her flu shots in Troy, MI

Flu shots are an important part of a consistent health regimen. Though many people forget or intentionally ignore their scheduled flu shots, there are many benefits to receiving a flu shot every year. At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we promote influenza vaccinations because we know the benefits our patients stand to receive from a routine flu shot.

We also know the potential risks a patient might face if they choose to forgo their vaccination. Patient health remains a priority at our clinic, so when any of our patients receive a routine checkup, we’re sure to promote our annual flu shots in Troy, MI, as well. A vaccine injection only takes a few minutes, but the benefits could save your life.

How Flu Shots Work

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding vaccines, so you may be wondering about the effectiveness of flu shots in Troy, MI. The science behind vaccinations is well documented. A vaccine trains your body how to fight a disease, and in this case, that disease is influenza.

Once injected, your immune system goes to work developing antibodies. These antibodies can be very effective at combating influenza. However, even if you receive an injection, you still run the risk of contracting the flu. But thanks to the vaccination, if you do end up sick, there’s a good chance that the symptoms will be less severe.

A flu shot can help your body become familiar with a disease. Influenza is dangerous, but many people disregard it as nothing more than a common cold. And depending on the strength of your immune system, influenza could prove to be a debilitating disease—one that could leave you with long-lasting effects.

Flu Shots Effectiveness

The flu shot has proven very effective, especially in the last few years. From 2022–2023, the CDC found considerable evidence pointing to the vaccine’s viability. Studies showed that regardless of your age, the vaccine was effective at guarding the body from influenza, preventing hospitalization and death.

Additionally, if you received the vaccine, your chances of going to the hospital were greatly minimized. And thanks to substantial advancements in medical technology, vaccinations are only becoming more effective. The CDC’s studies showed that influenza-related hospitalizations were down a staggering 14% from the prior year.

Flu Shot Candidates

Almost anyone can receive a flu shot. Babies as young as 6 months should be vaccinated. The vaccinations also vary based on age. We offer our older patients a different flu shot than we offer children and young adults. The body changes as you age, and it requires different things to protect itself against influenza.

Doctor talks to patient about flu shots in Troy, MI

Additionally, we take walk-ins for flu shots in Troy, MI, but they must be established patients. Established patients may request a flu shot without an appointment, and we’d be more than happy to administer one.

It’s important to us that our clients stay aware of their vaccination timeline, so as flu season approaches, we offer our clients repeated reminders to schedule their flu shot.

Schedule Your Shot

The flu is a persistent disease, and it’s also a dangerous one.

Between the years of 2010 and 2020, the flu caused 12,000–52,000 deaths each year. Fortunately, as our quality of life increases, that number shrinks. By ensuring that your vaccination schedule is consistent, you can reduce the effects of influenza and potentially avoid it altogether.

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