Why You Should Get Your Yearly Physicals and Flu Shots in Sterling Heights


family doctor gives a young woman a flu shot in Sterling Heights

Flu shot season is an important time. A yearly vaccination should be a priority in a healthy lifestyle. It might seem like an inconvenience, but the flu vaccine has several health benefits. Additionally, while you’re receiving your vaccination, you can also have your yearly checkup done.

Many choose to neglect their yearly checkup, but a physical could potentially diagnose hidden, life-threatening health conditions. A checkup is a great way to keep your physician informed about all aspects of your health.

Tri-County Medical Clinic believes in keeping your medical information up to date. Doctors need information to give you the best help possible. Open communication is the key to effective medical care. So, while you’re receiving flu shots in Sterling Heights, consider a checkup as well.

The Tri-County Medical Experience

Tri-County Medical Clinic has devoted themselves to fostering better health in the Detroit metro area. Our providers want to foster a community of like-minded individuals who believe in helping as many people as they can.

Our clinic is designed to offer comprehensive care for your entire family. We provide geriatric care, and everything in between. Everyone deserves a chance at a healthier lifestyle, so we’ve developed a clinic that aims to handle all aspects of the medical experience.

A physician performs a blood pressure test during a physical in Sterling Heights
Nurse measuring blood pressure of a senior woman patient during an examination in the clinic, close-up view with no face

We prioritize the client-patient relationship, and we want genuine care and understanding to be reflected in everything we do for our patients.. In the medical community, there’s no such thing as a universal treatment. It’s important to be individual and specific when treating patients.

A Team of Professionals

We’ve assembled a team of medical professionals who are eager to help those in their community. With decades in the medical field, our doctors have a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge, and they understand how to use that experience to better help our patients.

We’ve developed a clinic that is entirely devoted to the well-being of its patients. Our providers have a serious passion for what they do, and they want to ensure that those around them have access to top-quality medical care.

A Multi-Faceted Clinic Near Detroit

We designed our facility to optimize patient satisfaction. We wanted to make the Tri-County experience as convenient as possible, so it was important that we didn’t outsource every aspect of our business.

We don’t just offer flu shots in Sterling Heights. In addition to primary care, providers at our facility practice podiatry, cardiology, and other specialty services including on site ultrasounds. We’re confident in our team, so we wanted to limit referrals. If you’re coming to Tri-County Medical Clinic, Tri-County Medical Clinic should be the one to treat you.

We try to use the newest technology. The medical field is always advancing, and we want to keep up so we can offer our patients the most modern, effective treatments.

The Yearly Physical

Many believe the yearly physical is entirely unnecessary. Only an estimated 8% of Americans receive routine screenings for preventive healthcare, as is often performed during an annual visit. However, routine cardiovascular exams save thousands of adult lives every year, and preventive health screenings can significantly increase life expectancy. 

Finding the time to go to the doctor’s office might seem impossible, but a yearly checkup could potentially save your life. Annual physicals can catch deadly chronic conditions early, and when you and your family get flu shots in Sterling Heights, you’re helping to keep your loved ones healthy. 

Be Honest

Many patients struggle with honesty when they take part in a routine physical. This is an understandable concern, but it’s not one you should worry about.

Our providers won’t shame you for drinking too many nights a week or having a donut every day for breakfast. Yes, the doctor may suggest cutting back on some of your more destructive habits, but they won’t shame or embarrass you for it.

Our doctors are not interested in policing your habits, they just want you to make the healthiest choices you can. So once you decide to make an appointment for your yearly checkup, commit yourself to honesty. It can only help. 

Hidden Conditions

Yearly checkups are beneficial for many reasons. Of course, our doctors can provide you with flu shots in Sterling Heights, but they can also offer advice based on your symptoms.

One of the best reasons to make routine visits a priority is because doctors can diagnose certain conditions that you may miss. During your checkup, a doctor will ask you some questions about your overall health.

And as they run tests, your doctor may notice some symptoms of a disease you hadn’t even considered. For instance, cancer has several symptoms that most people don’t associate with the illness. Symptoms including:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Asymmetrical moles
  • General, persistent pain

Cancer symptoms can be somewhat mundane, making them easy to miss, but a doctor could diagnose them when given the correct information. Someone with general tiredness might not even think to link that to a fatal disease, but Tri-County’s professional staff could make that connection.

Prostate Cancer

For men, or assigned males at birth, prostate cancer is a serious concern. The prostate exam has a reputation for being invasive and uncomfortable, but it’s a standard medical procedure, and one that is vital for men’s health.

Unfortunately, 13 in every 100 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes. Considering so many men are at risk, cancer screenings should be a priority for men, especially as they get older. 2-3% of men diagnosed will die of prostate cancer, but a routine checkup could catch it early before it spreads.

Tell your doctor about your prostate cancer concerns, and you can discuss how to schedule a check during your next physical.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, it isn’t as simple as a single diagnosis. We often see patients that need to make broader changes for a healthier lifestyle. Life gets in the way for many patients, and they struggle to find time to exercise regularly.

A man runs down the street, making healthier choices after his physical and flu shot in Sterling Heights

For others, diet is a concern. Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest option, and lots of people would prefer a quick drive-thru meal over cooking a healthy dinner at home.

If we find that you’re facing serious health concerns as a result of your lifestyle, we’ll work with you. We’ll make suggestions and answer questions. It can be difficult to live with your health in mind, but we can offer practical advice to help.

Save Money With a Yearly Checkup

Yearly checkups might save you serious money in the future. Conditions that could be easily diagnosed and treated might cost you thousands if left unaddressed until later. But if you maintain a consistent checkup schedule, the doctor can catch things you’d miss, and you can get started on treatments before they become serious.

The treatments a doctor can offer clients might be more varied as well. When a doctor catches a disease early in its development, then you might be eligible for different treatment plans and strategies. 

Benefits of Flu Shots in Sterling Heights

Once you decide to get your flu shot, you’re signing up for a year of protection from a potentially fatal disease. It’s a small injection, but influenza is a serious disease.

A flu shot helps build up your body’s tolerance to influenza;without it, the flu could seriously harm your body. Depending on the strength of your immune system, you could even end up in the hospital.

Who Needs a Flu Shot

Flu shots in Sterling Heights are valuable for the elderly. Geriatric patients are at a particularly increased risk for hospitalizations following a bout with the flu. If you’re over the age of 65, be sure to schedule your flu shot.

Unfortunately, elderly patients aren’t the only ones who risk serious complications from influenza. Patients who are most susceptible to influenza complications include:

  • People with diabetes
  • People with asthma
  • People with heart disease
  • Pregnant people 
  • Children under the age of 5 (though children under the age of 2 have a much greater risk)

We highly recommend anyone who matches the above criteria receive their flu shot on time. In fact, anyone with a chronic illness should prioritize their vaccinations because influenza might affect them differently, and the symptoms could be more severe.

Fear of needles is a common concern among our patients. This is a common phobia, but it shouldn’t be what prevents you from getting a vaccination. We’re more than happy to discuss any of your concerns with you. Don’t hold back on an important medical appointment because of your fear. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

When to Make an Appointment

It’s typically recommended you receive your vaccine in September or October. We recommend patients schedule flu shots once a year. While it’s certainly possible to go a year or more without getting the flu, the potential negative outcomes of contracting such a disease could be very dangerous.

We only supply walk-in shots to members of our practice. A medical clinic like ours provides a high level of care and attention to detail when it comes to our injections. We’re experienced, and we carry multiple vaccines so we can offer the correct shot based on your age.

Get Your Vaccination Soon

In this day and age, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding the medical community. A large section of the public distrusts vaccinations, so some readers might have stipulations about signing up for flu shots in Sterling Heights. But our team is knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions about the safety and viability of our vaccines.

Young doctor talks to patient about a physical and flu shots in Sterling Heights

And if you sign up for a vaccine, we highly recommend scheduling a yearly checkup as well. It’s a valuable tool in catching and diagnosing hidden disorders. 

A flu shot never seems like a priority until you’re suffering from influenza’s effects. Putting off your vaccination means you risk hospitalization—or worse.

To schedule an appointment, use our online tool and reach out to a member of our team.

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