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We all remember being teenagers, standing in front of the mirror, obsessing over our acne. But what health class didn’t tell us is that acne can persist long after our teenage years.

And if you had a particularly serious bout with acne, you might still be seeing the effects of your condition today in the form of acne scars. You shouldn’t have to live with the inconveniences that come with persistent acne.

Our team at Tri-County Medical Clinic has safe, effective treatments to help clear up your skin and make you feel confident again. So get rid of your acne scarring with the help of CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights.

The Right Clinic For You

Tri-County Medical Clinic was founded to treat your aesthetic conditions. It can be extremely difficult to feel unhappy about the way that you look, but with the help of modern plastic surgery technology, you don’t have to put up with your insecurities any longer.

We’ve made it a priority to keep Tri-County Medical Clinic advanced and up-to-date. Our team is constantly researching new and innovative aesthetic treatments, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the most cutting-edge cosmetic care. 

A Top-Notch Team

The Tri-County team is qualified to handle all kinds of cosmetic and aesthetic conditions. When we started this clinic, we knew we needed to find the right team above all else.

You trust us with your care, so we wanted to make sure that our practitioners would go above and beyond for your treatments.

No matter which of our team members you’re meeting with, you can rest assured that you’re being treated by a professional who cares deeply about you and your health goals. For our staff, cosmetic care is more than work.

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Our team members have a passion for their craft that keeps them invested day and night.

What causes acne?

Acne is an exceedingly common skin condition that almost certainly requires no introduction. But what causes it in the first place? Despite what some people think, acne isn’t just another word for “pimples.”

Acne is an umbrella term, one that includes blackheads and whiteheads alike. When oil and dead skin fill and clog up hair follicles, those follicles begin to form acne.

You will likely notice acne appearing on the face, back, and shoulders, but acne can show up in other areas of the body as well. Cystic acne can cause long-term skin damage, called acne scars.

What causes rosacea?

Rosacea is another common skin condition that we treat with Lumecca IPL and Cryofacial treatments in Sterling Heights, M. Rosacea is a term for long-term redness in the face. This condition appears most similar to a rash or blushing.

Surprisingly enough, we don’t know precisely what causes rosacea. That said, we do have a few theories. Rosacea may be caused by your genetic history or even your immune system. 

Rosacea may also be exacerbated by the sun, wind, stress, and even spicy foods. But regardless of what causes rosacea, we have treatments available to help.

Superficial CO2 Laser Treatments

The CoolPeel CO2 procedure is one of our top choices for CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI. And while this treatment is effective on its own, it can also be supported with the help of a CryoFacial.

Together, these treatments help treat acne scarring, decrease pore size, increase collagen stimulation, and improve fine lines. At Tri-County, we believe it’s always beneficial to keep our patients informed. So, let’s take this opportunity for a deep dive into each of these treatments.

We’ll explain how they work to combat acne, and how you can schedule your own superficial CO2 session as well.


The first step in any of our treatments at Tri-County Medical Clinic is the consultation. The consultation may seem superfluous, especially if you already have a basic idea of what kind of treatment you want.


A consultation over CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI

But we need to be sure that you’re getting the treatment that will best address your specific aesthetic condition. So when you come in for your consultation, we’ll take a thorough look at your area of concern. This will allow us to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your condition.

We’ll also ask you questions about your expectations and preferences so you’re as comfortable as possible during the process.

The CoolPeel Process

What makes the CoolPeel such an effective option for superficial CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI? The CoolPeel works by utilizing the body’s natural healing processes.

Any time the body is injured, it will use collagen to repair any damaged tissue. Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body, which is used to build strong skin, muscles, and more.

We use a CO2 laser that causes micro injuries in the treatment area. This stimulates the production of new collagen, meaning that the skin will appear younger, healthier, and more refreshed.

The CoolPeel Procedure

After we complete your consultation, we’ll schedule your CoolPeel session. The procedure should only take 30 minutes in total, so you won’t have to worry about taking an entire day off work to make this procedure happen.

The lighter settings of the CoolPeel treatment result in very little discomfort, so we won’t need to worry about providing any topical anesthetic to your treatment area. Though for deeper settings, we will use a topical anesthetic.

It is important to note, however, that if you’re in need of heavy skin resurfacing, then we can use Tetra CO2, which is another example of one of our CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI.

The Tetra laser will require numbing, and we will provide a topical anesthesia to make the process as painless as possible.

The CoolPeel Side Effects

You will likely see and feel some side effects following your CoolPeel treatment, but not to worry; they’re temporary. Many of our patients report that their skin becomes sensitive and tingly, like a sunburn. The texture of their skin may also change as it heals.

Our patients often compare this texture to that of sandpaper. It’s rough and a little bumpy to the touch. Lastly, patients also notice small brown lesions appearing in the treatment area.

Fortunately, the side effects following superficial CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI, will likely disappear in a matter of days.

If you do require a deeper setting for the CoolPeel treatment, then you will likely need to plan for a few more days of downtime.

The CoolPeel Recovery Process

Another benefit of our CoolPeel superficial CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI, is the minimal recovery time. 

Some skin treatments will have you holed up in your house for weeks while your skin returns to normal. But with the CoolPeel, you should only notice some adverse skin reactions for 2 to 3 days following your initial appointment.

CoolPeel, one of our CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI

Patients who were treated with the Tetra CO2 laser may notice redness and lesions for a little longer, but they should only last for about 4 to 6 days in total. So, regardless of which CO2 laser you choose, you should be able to get back to normal in no time.

The CryoFacial

The CryoFacial is another one of our treatments that utilizes the healing power of carbon dioxide to treat acne.

You can schedule a CryoFacial session as a standalone procedure or as an add-on to a laser treatment. The CryoFacial treats your face with low-temperature CO2.

This CO2 attacks the bacteria on your face, stopping the production of acne and removing any excess oil from your pores.

The CryoFacial Process

The CryoFacial process is beloved by our patients because it is non-invasive, quick, and utterly painless.

First, we clean the skin and add a layer of glycerine. Then, we treat the skin with an FDA-approved cryo device. At first, some of our patients are concerned that the treatment will be too cold and damage the skin.

But the CryoFacial device actively monitors the temperature of the patient’s skin, so if it finds that any part of the skin is becoming too cold, it will automatically shut off. We prefer treatments that allow us to ensure the patient is safe at all times.

The Aftermath

The entirety of the CryoFacial process only takes around 10 minutes in total. So, you can easily complete the session over your lunch break from work.

You may notice some side effects in the form of some mild redness in the treatment area, but patients typically find that these effects will disappear within 20 minutes.

To maintain the best possible results following your CryoFacial, we recommend that you schedule at least 6 initial sessions. From there, you can come by once a month to continue to see healthy, shiny skin.

This treatment can also reduce the severity of your rosacea in combination with Lumecca IPL. Your face will appear less red and more even in texture.

Lumecca IPL

If you’re interested in getting rid of stubborn rosacea at Tri-County Medical, then we recommend a Lumecca IPL treatment. The IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is the key to reducing rosacea. This light works to break up coagulated blood and excess pigment in the face, leaving you looking fresher and smoother.

You can either try Lumecca alone or in combination with a CryoFacial session. Lumecca IPL only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, meaning that it’s a perfect addition to the CryoFacial treatment.

In just 1 to 3 sessions, you can see prominent, notable results.

An Aesthetic Resource

At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we do our best to remain a resource for your aesthetic needs. If you’re looking for more information about one of our superficial CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI, then take a look at our blogs.

We update this blog every single month with deep-dives into our treatment options. We do the best work when our patients are informed, and reading more about our treatments will give you a better idea of your options for aesthetic care.

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We hope you’ll consider checking out our options for CO2 laser treatments in Sterling Heights, MI. It can be difficult to deal with persistent acne breakout or long standing acne scarring.

No one deserves to go through life feeling self-conscious about the way they look, especially when there are treatment options available.

At Tri-County Medical Clinic, we understand just how important it is to feel your best. So, if you’re tired of feeling bad about your appearance and are ready to do something about it, then reach out to us today.

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