Topical Stem Cell and Topical Peptide Therapy in Troy, MI


Aging isn’t a process that we can control. But we can control how our body looks while we do it. As we get older, most of us begin to notice a few changes. We see wrinkles, lines, and creases that weren’t there when we were younger. And with these changes comes a whole new degree of worry. Suddenly, you might be self conscious about parts of your body you’d never even considered before. Fortunately, while using a peptide treatment, you may be able to help soothe damaged skin.

Tri-County is a state-of-the-art medical clinic that specializes in products and treatments of all kinds. Our aesthetics division, Troy Laser Center, offers options that turn back the clock and helps your skin look younger, stronger, and healthier. 

Life is too short to worry about aging skin, and with our topical peptide and topical stem cell therapy in Troy, MI, you won’t have to. 

The Tri-County Method

Tri-County is a medical clinic that has dedicated itself to helping people become healthier and happier. We provide assistance to patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and we want nothing more than for you to live a confident, healthy life. We’re a team of doctors that specialize in family medicine, but we also have a dedicated cosmetic specialist at the Troy Laser Center, in the form of Dr. Kenneth Wolok. We know that aesthetics should be a priority, and Dr. Wolok wants to assist you with your aesthetics goals: to help you feel great when you look in the mirror. 

Our Team

We have a legitimate passion for what we do. The Tri-County specialists are a team of highly trained medical professionals at the top of their field. They’ve spent years training and studying so that they can better advise you on all manner of medical health.

On our aesthetic side, we employ the help of the talented Dr. Kenneth Wolok. With many types of skin rejuvenation methods, Dr. Wolok knows what it takes to keep skin tight, smooth, and healthy, and they can offer informed advice about addressing any aesthetic concerns you may have.

When so many people all over the world struggle with self-perception as a result of unhealthy skin, Tri-County wants to be the ones who do something about it. Dr. Wolok knows that skin care doesn’t have to be a mystery. Taking care of your skin should be an enjoyable process. Feel free to ask questions; we’re confident in our methods, and we want you to be as well.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are state of the art. We prioritize well-being every step of the way, and a big part of that is where we do our work. Blue Cross Blue Shield has even formally recognized us as a facility that provides high quality medical care! 

This standard of excellence extends to our aesthetics division as well. Dr. Kenneth Wolok offers many different techniques and methods to help you look your best, and our building can accommodate the equipment necessary for our many procedures. A clinic like ours represents itself through our office; you’re important to us, and we’ve worked hard on creating a facility and curating technologies to help you feel at home while you’re here.

The Importance of Skin Health

There are many different contributing factors that cause our skin to age in the way that it does. 

Natural Causes

For one, our skin is susceptible to aging as a result of ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause  the skin to become brittle. The sun can cause lasting damage to the skin, especially if you don’t use sunscreen. 

Gravity also plays a role in skin aging. When gravity exudes pressure on the skin for many years, it can begin to droop and sag. 

Lifestyle Factors

There are other, outside factors that can contribute to skin damage as well, like smoking or stress. The skin is sensitive, and there are many ways you might damage it. Luckily, there are also ways to reverse this damage.

A woman examines blemishes on her skin before receiving topical peptide and topical stem cell therapy in Troy, MI

Though skin damage is incredibly common, some may not see the point of a skin treatment. They might think, if the skin is going to be damaged anyway, then what’s the point of fixing the damage? Why is healthy skin so important?

Well, healthy skin isn’t just an important part of the body; it’s actually vital to our wellbeing. It regulates temperature, helps protect our body from becoming dehydrated, and can even stop us from getting sick. If your skin is unhealthy, then you could be unhealthy, too. And none of us want that. So what techniques can help reverse the damage the world causes our skin?

The Power of Peptides and Stem Cells

Our topical peptide and topical stem cell therapy in Troy, MI is a revolutionary way to stop wrinkles and sagging. It’s also an easy, convenient way to ensure that your skin remains clear and healthy after one of our other skincare treatments. 

Collagen is the key to clear and healthy skin. When the body produces collagen, the skin can become healthier. But there’s a problem: the skin struggles to absorb collagen directly. Luckily, peptides and stem cells can. 

Peptides are amino acids that the skin needs to stay healthy. They also stimulate collagen production. So when peptides are added to the skin, it results in some very noticeable skin-rejuvenation benefits. The products we offer use these peptides so that you can see the results too.

The benefits of peptide treatments are varied. Peptides can help your skin become healthier with an overall tighter appearance. This includes a noticeable decrease in the severity of your body’s wrinkles. It can also increase the skin’s outer layer which gives the body protection against the sun’s harmful rays. 

Peptide therapy can also make your skin clearer. The peptides can even out your skin, resulting in much clearer and more uniform color. If an outside irritant inflamed your skin, the peptides can help against this as well. This treatment works to nourish your skin, especially after some of our more in-depth skin procedures.

Tri-County’s Skin Treatment

Peptides and stem cells play a huge role in the aftercare for advanced aesthetic treatment methods and is one of our most popular add-ons. Our aesthetics division offers a myriad of different treatment options, from superficial facials to in-depth laser treatments. By applying peptides and stem cells after another procedure, Dr. Wolok can help calm the skin and boost the first procedures’ restorative benefits.

Medical-grade esthetic treatments, when performed by a qualified provider, are effective because they target specific skin care concerns. Whether you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles, or scarring, Tri-County will do our best to find a product that will help your unique skin.

Close up photo of a woman's acne scars before receiving Topical Peptide and Topical Stem Cell Therapy in Troy, MI

Once you enter our facility, we’ll discuss your skincare needs and work together to try and pinpoint a procedure that will work best for you. Then, once Dr. Wolok decides on a treatment, he can get to work. Our methods are safe, powerful, and tested. 

After your procedure, it’s important to ensure that your skin stays healthy and cared for. And that’s how peptide and stem cell therapy can help.

After the Procedure

Once you leave our facility, know you have the power to make sure your skin stays healthy. 

Fortunately, peptide and stem cell therapy is completely safe to use after most other aesthetic treatments. Using the power of peptides, you can maintain the youthful, smooth skin that our procedure has helped cultivate. When peptides are combined with our power laser treatments, you can have healthy skin for the long term. 

A woman treats her skin after receiving Topical Peptide and Topical Stem Cell Therapy in Troy, MI

We believe if you want healthy skin, it’s important to maintain your results after each in-office procedure and stay consistent in your at-home skincare routine.  We believe this so full-heartedly that we often include recovery kits with a series of treatments. Maintenance is the key to healthy skin, both in our office and beyond

With peptides and stem cells you can see pronounced results, and they can soothe potential short-term irritation that might follow a Tri-County skin treatment.

More Aftercare for Better Skin

Mandelic acid is an alternatively powerful tool in maintaining healthy skin. Mandelic acid is what’s called an AHA: an all natural, beneficial skin care ingredient. In many ways, they work like peptides, as mandelic acid is a component that targets wrinkles and eliminates unwanted spots and discoloration. 

Mandelic acid is useful for those with especially gentle skin, as it takes its time to seep into the skin. Mandelic acid is also an especially effective exfoliant. After using it, you should notice that your skin is especially hydrated and clear. It’s an effective acne deterrent, as it works to unclog pores and reduce inflammation.

But whether it’s peptides stem cells or mandelic acid, these product applications are designed to keep your skin healthy. Our treatments are tailor-made to fight against imperfections and maintain the healthiest qualities of your skin.

Feel the Benefits Yourself

Tri-County believes that, as medical caregivers, we have the responsibility to educate you about the tools and treatments we offer, so you can leave our office with skin you’re proud of. We want you to feel the benefits of healthy skin, and to understand that healthy skin means healthy living. 

We want everyone to be able to see how powerful peptide therapy can be. Everyone’s body is different, so we can customize a facial designed with your skin in mind. We have the treatments and technology necessary for healthy skin, and we care about fostering a healthy future for you. If you have any further questions about our treatments, you can make an appointment with us so we can discuss your options.

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