TLC Acne and Rosacea Treatment in Sterling Heights, Michigan

The TLC Acne and Rosacea Treatment Center is now offering FrozenC Cryotherapy; the first ever in Michigan that provides the latest in technology for the treatment of active and chronic acne as well as rosacea. FrozenC Cryotherapy safely delivers concentrated, controlled medical-grade cryogen at medically therapeutic temperatures. It provides real-time skin temperature monitoring with a safety auto-stop technology that eliminates the danger of cryogen overexposure to the skin.

The unapparelled extreme cold temperatures delivered to the skin by the FrozenC Cryo destroy the bacteria associated with active acne and acne rosacea. It shuts down the production of excess oil from the sebaceous glands, shrinks the pores, and decreases the redness and inflammation associated with acne.

For a limited time only, join our TLC Cryogenic Maintenance Club to eliminate acne breakouts and maintain your skin’s health and appearance.

Located in the Tri-County Medical building, call 586-693-4852 (4TLC) to make an appointment or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kenneth Wolok, D.O., a Board-Certified Physician or our Medical Aesthetician, Maggie Zeneli.

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