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Tri-County Medical Clinic, P.C. is a multifaceted family medicine practice that provides compassionate and comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages – from children to geriatric patients. Our experienced family doctors are board certified in family medicine and geriatrics. Our medical team provides care in many different settings, including our outpatient family practice in Sterling Heights and our after-hours urgent care center, as well as at nursing homes and convalescent centers. In addition, we offer a wide range of cosmetic services at our practice through our dedicated Troy Laser Center.

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Tri-County Research, Inc.

A Commitment to Clinical Research

Tri-County Research, Inc. has over 70 years of cumulative clinical research experience in various therapeutic areas including but not limited to: diabetes mellitus type 2, dyslipidemia, asthma, COPD, weight loss, and hypertension. We are able to offer alternative healthcare options in a private practice setting that otherwise may only be found in a university setting.

We have three physicians conducting research and available on-site five days per week and seven days per week by phone and a dedicated research nurse managing daily operations. Our resources include over 36,000 patients in the practice and access to referring physicians in multidisciplinary medical areas. Our site can participate in phase II – IV clinical studies.

Highlights of our clinical research program include:

  • Work with cutting edge therapies including biologic agents and new medication administration modalities
  • Extensive experience with processing and shipping special specimens for PD, PK, and PG aspects of a study
  • Knowledgeable with IV/IWRS eDiaries, EDC/RDC systems such as Inform, Medidata, Oracle
  • Secure ambient and refrigerated drug storage
  • -20⁰ freezer
  • Access to dry ice
  • Laboratory
  • 17 exam rooms
  • ECG machines
  • X-ray on site
  • All staff certifications for GCP, HIPAA, and IATA
  • Utilize a central IRB for ethics review process for site approvals
  • Secure long term document storage
  • Participants receive all study medications and clinical assessments at no cost to them
  • Participant stipends provided after completion of each study visit


Susan Colar headshotSusan Colar, RN

Clinical Research Coordinator at Tri-County Research, Inc.
Tri-County Medical Clinic, P.C.





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