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What is Cosmelan MD?

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Cosmelan MD is a state-of-the-art mask designed to reduce discoloration, sun spots, and uneven skin tone.

 A combination of special, skin-rejuvenating ingredients, Cosmelan MD is a comfortable, noninvasive treatment that can help smooth your skin and erase signs of aging. You may see results in as little as a week, and they can last for up to 12 months as long as u protect your skin from the sun. Cosmelan MD is a medical-grade skin treatment that can only be applied by our registered physician.

Learn more about Cosmelan MD in Sterling Heights.

Here Are the Details on Cosmelan MD.

What it treats

  • Sun spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Discoloration
  • Melasma

Procedure time

The length of your skin treatment will greatly depend on your skin type and the severity of your symptoms. Once we apply the peel, you’ll need to keep it on for anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. You’ll be allowed to go home, and once your time is up, you can wash off the peel in the shower.

We want all of our treatments to be as convenient as possible. We don’t want you to have to sit in our clinic for the entire day, just waiting for your Cosmelan MD in Sterling Heights, to take effect. That’s why we allow you to go home, so you can spend your day relaxing while the mask works to undo your skin damage. The mask is kept on for 4-8 hours depending on your skin type.

Recovery time

Once the peel is removed, you may notice redness in the skin and some minor irritation, similar to a sunburn. This is actually a good sign—it means the treatment is working. The skin may take around a week to heal, but once it does, you may notice your skin is clearer and shinier.

We’ll request that you return a month later for a second peel, though this one will have only 25% of the mask and half the procedure time. So, if you had to wear the mask for 4 hours, you’ll only need to wear it for 2 hours the second time around!


The results of your Cosmelan MD peel may last months, especially if you use our recovery kit. We want you to have longer-lasting results, so our post-care instructions are designed to help you maintain your skin health as effectively as possible.

How Does a Cosmelan MD Peel Work?

Here’s a look at how your Cosmelan treatment will work.

Cosmelan MD is a prescribed medical treatment to even skin tone and leave you looking smooth and healthy. Our physicians are trained in aesthetic care, and over the course of just a few hours, you can take significant steps to rejuvenate your skin.



First, you’ll sit down with our physicians to discuss if Cosmelan MD is the right choice for your skin. We’ll go over your expectations for the procedure and what you’re hoping to treat with this chemical peel. We’ll also examine your skin to get a better idea of which treatment is right for you. If we decide that Cosmelan MD isn’t the right choice for your skin condition, we can discuss alternative treatments that will offer the type of results you’re looking for.



Next, we’ll apply the peel. This is a short, simple process, and once we’re finished, you’re free to go! You may be tempted to wash off your face mask as soon as you get home, but if you want to see results, you’ll need to wait for the predetermined treatment time. You may need to keep the mask on for up to 10 hours, but it’s different for everyone. Some of our patients need to wear the mask for less than half that time. Either way, once your allotted treatment period has ended, you can wash off the mask in your shower or sink.


Post Care

As you leave Tri-County Medical Clinic, we’ll provide a post-treatment kit with different medical grade creams designed to help you keep your skin healthy and clear. We’ll also recommend you schedule a follow-up treatment a month after your treatment. At that appointment, we can confirm that your skin is healing in a healthy manner. If you are having any challenges, we can address them at this time.


Lasting Effects

As your skin heals over the next week, your sun spots will begin to fade and become harder to see. These results can continue to improve because your skin will still be healing from the inside out for some time. Eventually, you could see a total erasure of your discoloration.

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About Cosmelan MD Peels at TLC Acne and Rosacea Center

Our clinic’s physicians have been trained to apply Cosmelan MD peels for legitimate skin-clearing results. If you’re tired of dealing with sun spots and discoloration, you can schedule a consultation to see if this is the right treatment for you.

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About Acne Scarring Reduction at TLC Acne and Rosacea Treatment Center

Our acne and rosacea center is dedicated to helping you look your best.

We have designed a results-oriented and effective protocol for the treatment of acne scarring utilizing some of the most powerful aesthetic laser devices on the market. Laser skin resurfacing treatment is a highly effective procedure for the improvement of acne scars; it can drastically soften and minimize the scarred tissue. With the emergence of new laser technologies in the last few years, significant improvement can be accomplished. The choice of a modality- if it is the non-ablative LaseMD fractional laser, the fractional ablative CO2 CoolPeel /Tetra laser or the fractional RF microneedling Morpheus8 – will depend on the type , depth, and severity of the scars as well as the patient’s lifestyle and tolerance for downtime.  To find out which treatment will be best for you contact TLC Acne and Rosacea Treatment Center for a complimentary consultation.

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