What to Expect From Your Skin Resurfacing Results


A woman observes her skin resurfacing results after a Combination Peel in Troy, MI

Skin treatment can be a difficult thing to understand. Most of us don’t realize what it takes to have healthy skin. 

Even with good intentions, it can take lots of effort to learn how to treat our skin with care. Tri-County Medical Clinic believes that skin health is an important part of keeping your body healthy. We believe that putting in the effort to give you damage-free skin should be an essential part of your daily routine. 

Our aesthetics specialist Dr. Kenneth Wolok offers many different treatments to revitalize aging and damaged skin, but even if you’re happy with your skin resurfacing results, it’s important to continue the skin health journey at home.

Our accomplished aesthetics division offers many different types of skin treatments, such as:

  • Face fillers to combat wrinkles and droopy skin
  • Laser treatments to attack wrinkles and deep contours
  • A variety of chemical peels designed to clear up unwanted blemishes and acne. 

It’s important to provide options so that every facial is customized to your preferences. But what happens after you leave our clinic? Well, you may be finished with your procedure, but we believe there’s still so much more you can do to help your skin.

After a Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Now that you’ve had a treatment, here are a few tips we recommend to keep your skin looking healthy and strong. 

Moisturize your skin often.

In order to protect new, healthy skin cells after a skin resurfacing treatment, we highly recommend moisturizing your skin. We can offer you advice and what you should look for in post-procedure skincare products. Your skin should still be sensitive after your procedure, so we would suggest using sensitive moisturizers as to not irritate or inflame the skin. 

A young woman in a bathroom observes her skin resurfacing results

Moisturizing is an efficient way to avoid the same blemishes and spots that might have prompted you to receive a treatment in the first place. Moisturizers help protect and maintain your skin barrier, even out the skin, and ensure that it’s not too dry or oily. When your skin is in this healthy middle ground, you should find that concerns like acne will lessen or even cease altogether.

Avoid too much sun.

We also recommend doing your best to avoid spending too much time in the sun immediately after a skin resurfacing procedure. The sun is especially efficient when it comes to damaging skin. This is because of the sun’s UV rays, which are absorbed at the skin’s deepest levels. From there, these UV rays attack and damage skin cells, causing sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and more. 

A woman in the sun risks lessening skin resurfacing results

If you must go out into the sun immediately after your procedure, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen. We often forget about how much damage the sun can actually cause our skin, even on cloudy days or in the wintertime. So if you want to maintain your healthiest skin after a resurfacing treatment, sunbathing and tanning probably isn’t a very good idea.

A treatment of your own

We believe that healthy skin isn’t as simple as a single procedure. We believe that maintaining younger-looking skin is a lifestyle choice. It’s something that requires some attention and care, but we know the results speak for themselves. We’ve dedicated years to honing the knowledge behind effective skin care. The experts at Tri-County Medical Clinic can meet with you to help you decide which procedure would be most effective for your skin—and how you can maintain your skin health long after you’ve left the clinic. 

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