Can I Have an X-Ray Done at Urgent Care?

Female Doctor looks at X-ray with patient

What is Urgent Care?

An urgent care facility provides access to rapid medical care in situations that require attention right away but are not emergencies. Urgent care is most typically used as an alternative to the emergency room when the situation to be treated is not life-threatening.

Urgent care is appropriate when your regular doctor’s office is closed, such as on weekends or holidays. Once the immediate need is taken care of, you will follow up for additional medical attention with your physician, not with the urgent care center.

What Symptoms/Conditions Do Urgent Care Centers Treat?

Urgent care centers can help you with a wide range of conditions. Acute conditions that come on suddenly but do not seem life-threatening are frequently treated at urgent care facilities. This can include things like unexplained abdominal pain, a sudden high fever, or a sprain. Minor, ongoing issues such as a cold or flu can also be treated.

There is a rule of thumb to remember: If you would normally address a health problem with your regular doctor, but he or she is not available, then you should consider urgent care as an option.

If you would normally go immediately to a hospital in response to certain symptoms, then you should make arrangements to do so. It is important not to delay care in a medical emergency.

What Type of Procedures/Services Does an Urgent Care Center Offer?

An urgent care center can offer a wide range of procedures for treating and evaluating relatively minor conditions. Although urgent care isn’t equipped to do all of the things a hospital can do, it generally has access to the most common medical procedures and services.

At an urgent care clinic, you usually can:

  • Have diagnostic imaging done, especially an x-ray.
  • Get blood testing done for various common issues.
  • Have minor wounds like cuts and scrapes repaired.
  • Discuss symptoms and get a medical perspective.

Benefits of Receiving an X-Ray

An x-ray procedure is used to determine the source and severity of a problem such as a broken bone. It uses a specialized form of radiation to produce an image that clearly shows bones and some forms of soft tissue within the body.

With an x-ray, a doctor will usually be able to explain precisely the source of any discomfort or pain you are feeling. This also furnishes your primary care physician with the facts needed to prescribe a long-term course of treatment.

Without an x-ray procedure, it is usually very difficult for the average person to determine the exact cause of pain or mobility issues. Without this information, you may accidentally do things that will worsen the pain and prolong the recovery process.

What an X-Ray Procedure at Urgent Care Center Involves

An x-ray procedure at urgent care is very simple for the patient. It does not require any advance preparation. You will either be provided with a lead vest or asked to stand behind a specialized shield that helps regulate the flow of x-ray radiation. Then, a technician takes the necessary images. The number of images taken depends upon the area being evaluated.The whole process of getting an x-ray taken at urgent care takes only a few minutes.

At Dequindre After Hours Urgent Care, we have Digital X- Rays. We get a preliminary reading immediately after taking the x-ray as well as a follow up reading by a Radiologist.

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