Does Latisse Last?

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If you feel your lashes aren’t as long and noticeable as you would like, you’re not alone. Latisse offers a way to achieve longer,  darker, and thicker lashes that will help emphasize and enhance your eyes and general appearance. In this blog, the skin care doctors and specialists at Troy Laser Center, an extension of Tri-County Medical Clinic in Sterling Heights Michigan, explain more about Latisse and answer the all-important question: Do results last?

What is Latisse?

Latisse is the brand name for bimatoprost, an FDA-approved medication for lengthening, darkening,  and thickening sparse eyelashes. Under the brand name Lumigan, these eye drops were used to treat glaucoma, but eye doctors noticed that their patients were also developing long, lush eyelashes. And so Latisse eyelash serum was born to fill in the cosmetic demand.

What is Latisse used for?

Latisse is used to treat eyelash hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes), making lashes grow longer, darker, and thicker. When used as directed, Latisse stimulates new lash growth, prolonging the anagen (active growth) phase of the eyelash cycle. Latisse is the only FDA approved eyelash serum for the treatment of hypotrichosis.

How is it used and how often?

Latisse is applied once a day to your lash line. Before use, you’ll need to wash your hands and face as well as remove makeup and contact lenses. Apply a  drop of the medication onto the provided applicator, and draw it across the skin of your upper eyelid at the lash line from the inner part to the outer part. Blot away any excess liquid if it extended beyond the lash line. Use a fresh applicator to do the same procedure on your other eye. After 15 minutes, you can put your contact lenses back in. You will notice gradual changes within 4-6 weeks, but the full outcome with double the volume and thickness, might take up to 16 weeks.

How can you achieve the best results?

Stay compliant by applying it daily; one drop with the sterile applicator per eye for up to 16 weeks. You need to make sure that you use one sterile applicator per eye.If you miss a dose, do not try to “make up” for it- just continue with the next day session.

You can use Latisse in the morning or evening, but it is usually easier to apply it at night prior to sleeping. The full results can be seen in  about 16 weeks. Then you can try using Latisse every other day to see if the results remain the same. This will allow your product to last longer. When you first start to use Latisse, you can sign up for a rewards program that lets you earn coupons for future Latisse purchases and also earn rewards for Botox and fillers like Juvederm.

How long do its effects last?

You should see start seeing results after four weeks, more dramatic results within 8 weeks, and your full results after 16 weeks of use. Your longer, fuller, darker lashes will last for as long as you continue to use Latisse. If you stop using the product, your lashes will gradually grow out and return to their pre-treatment appearance.

If you’re interested in finding out if Latisse is right for you, make an appointment today with Troy Laser Center, an extension of Tri-County Medical Clinic in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We specialize in non-invasive treatments, including Latisse, that enhance your natural beauty.

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