Why ‘Spring Cleaning’ is Good for Your Well Being

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season of renewal: flowers bloom, trees sprout leaves, and the warm weather beckons you to open your windows to let the fresh air into your home. Spring cleaning is a great way to get you into the spirit of spring's rejuvenation, and the benefits go beyond just a sparkling clean home.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a labor and time intensive deep scrubbing that you can’t do all the time. You’re stretching to remove any cobwebs, vacuuming the entire carpet, and cleaning all the blinds and curtains thoroughly. It’s also a deep dive into your home where you're going through your closets to get rid of clothes you don’t wear, moving heavy furniture to clean under and around it, and getting rid of major clutter.

Why Is Spring Cleaning Beneficial Physically?

You’re making your living environment a much healthier place to breathe in when you thoroughly eliminate dust. Many people are allergic to dust mites, and when you remove the dust, you get rid of those irritating mites.

Mold and bacteria can flourish in hard to reach places. A deep spring cleaning can eliminate hazardous mold and bacteria, making your environment a much healthier place to live.

Spring cleaning is good physical exercise, so you’ll tone while you clean. You’re giving yourself a good workout and burning calories in the process.

Why Is Spring Cleaning Beneficial Mentally?

Spring cleaning may be demanding physically, but once you’re done, it’s thrilling to see your home sparkling clean. It’s hard not to smile at your  freshly clean and heavenly smelling home. When you’re happy and smiling, it boosts your mood and reduces sadness.

Clutter creates stress, so decluttering during spring cleaning helps bring down your stress levels. After decluttering, what’s left is much easier to organize in a meaningful way. Now your stuff is easier to find, because the chaos that too much clutter brought is gone. You’ve also eliminated the distractions the extra stuff created around the house. You’re then free to concentrate on more important things than sifting through clutter, which helps boost your productivity.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Here’s a basic outline that can help you plan and execute your spring cleaning plan effectively.

  • Tackle one room at a time. Doing a bit in one room and jumping into another room, before the previous one is done, can create confusion.
  • Keep all your household cleaners and cleaning tools in a small plastic tub. Keep it nearby your work area so that all you need is handy. When you use something, put it right back in the tub. This eliminates wasting time in hunting for a mislaid item and allows you to move through your chores faster.
  • Create a realistic schedule that leaves room for your other obligations. You’ll need more than just a few days to do a good, deep clean. Make sure you allow enough time for bigger projects such as tackling closets or shampooing rugs.
  • Play enjoyable music that energizes and inspires you. Keep the beat as you clean and scrub.
  • Get creative and have some fun rearranging your living space for a new look.

Reward Yourself

You’ve worked hard to get your home spic-and-span, and now it’s time to reward yourself. Buy something for your home, such as a small vase, or a new piece of furniture if you can afford it. Every time you look at your reward, you’ll be reminded of the great spring cleaning job you did and be proud of a job well done.

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