Why You Should Never Skip Out on Your Yearly Gyno Exam

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Your annual gynecological exam is a crucial part of making sure you’re in good health. It offers a number of important benefits and reduces your risk of serious health problems as you age.

Protect Your Overall Health

A gynecological exam involves more than just checking your pelvic area. Your doctor will measure your weight, body mass index, and blood pressure, which reveal potential health issues, such as obesity or high blood pressure. You’ll receive important information on healthy living, including diet and exercise. During this exam, your doctor will show you how to perform a breast exam, which can help you detect possible breast cancer signs early. You’ll also have a chance to receive immunizations if you’re not up-to-date on them.

Discuss Birth Control

When you go in for your yearly gyno exam, you’ll be able to go over your birth control options and determine which one is most suitable for you. Your doctor will provide information on the pros and cons of each type and help select one based on your overall health, age and other factors.

Have a Pap Smear

These tests allow your doctor to look for abnormal cells in your cervix that could indicate an increased risk of cervical cancer. Detecting this cancer early improves your chance of successful treatment.

STD Testing

Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are treatable, especially if they’re caught early. Waiting too long for treatment means you might have a higher risk of infertility or other complications. Your doctor will let you know which STDs you should be tested for based on age and sexual activity.

Menopausal Changes

As your body goes through menopause, it undergoes many changes that can cause discomfort. Your doctor can go over these changes with you and discuss treatment options to control your hormone levels.

Going to your yearly gyno exam gives you a chance to discuss problems that you might be reluctant or embarrassed to talk about. Your doctor might also encourage you to bring up any concerns you have about sexual activity, such as pain during intercourse. Talking about these issues helps ensure you receive customized treatment.

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