5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Chemical Peel

woman getting a chemical peel

Chemical peels can leave you with skin that looks much smoother and youthful, whether you have wrinkles, acne or another type of skin problem. These peels aren’t as harsh as they used to be, thanks to advancements in treatment methods. If you’re uncertain about getting this treatment, learn more about it and discover some important reasons to consider it.

Improved Skin Care Overall

Chemical peels penetrate different layers of skin, depending on how deep of a peel you get. This leads to more collagen growth and more hyaluronic acid production, which makes your skin look healthier and smoother. If you have a superficial peel done, you can expect it to take up to one week to heal. After that, your skin should respond better to your regular skin care products since dead cells were removed. This helps you maintain long-lasting results and improved skin. If you’re worried about discomfort during these treatments, note that you might only feel a very mild stinging sensation. Your skin will also need to heal for a certain period of time afterward.

Reduced Acne and Acne Scars

Some types of chemical peels, including those that use salicylic acid, reach into deeper layers of skin and remove debris from your pores. This helps destroy acne while also improving the appearance of any acne scars you have. Unlike laser treatments, there’s a very low risk of having an acne flare up again after a chemical peel. Keep in mind that peels for acne can also be done on all skin colors.

Customized Treatments

Chemical peels can be customized to provide you with the results you’re looking for. Although some peels don’t perform as well on darker skin, others are suitable for all skin colors. This means you have a lower risk of developing hyperpigmentation, which is a common concern for those with darker skin. Peels that use a low amount of multiple acids instead of just one acid at a stronger dose are generally safe to use on all skin colors.

Reduced Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Although chemical peels are usually used for fine lines, acne and pigmentation problems, they can also be used for treating hereditary dark circles under the eyes. Using a certain chemical peel that reaches deep into the skin can reduce the appearance of these dark circles without causing irritation. You might need to have multiple treatments done for optimal results, especially if you have more noticeable circles under your eyes.

Melasma Control

If you have darker patches of skin due to hormonal changes and sun exposure, chemical peels provide a way to minimize their appearance. Keep in mind that you’ll need to combine peels with bleaching creams and protect your skin from sun exposure in order to get the best results. Chemical peels exfoliate your skin and promote collagen production, which helps reduce skin blemishes and restore a more natural appearance.

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