The Benefits of Family Medicine

Family medicine doctor in New York City

Family medicine refers to health services that are offered by family physicians, and is focused on providing health care to individuals in the context of their families through a philosophy of ongoing, integrative care. Services are not limited to treating acute or chronic illness. Instead, preventative care that ranges from routine check-ups, health care risk assessments, to immunization, screening tests and lifestyle counseling is also included.

Having a family physician offers a myriad of healthcare benefits such as:

Tailor-made Health Care Services

Because family physicians treat patients within the context of their family, they know your family medical history so they understand what risk factors you are susceptible to. In order to prevent any chronic conditions, they can advise you how to make healthy living decisions and take other preventative measures. This same understanding allows them to be able to provide comprehensive health care to you and your family through more targeted treatment.

Family medicine relies on this relationship and when it is properly developed and maintained, it will ensure that your physician can effectively treat you and your family.

Convenience of a Single Provider

Unlike other more focused specialties, family medicine integrates care for patients of all genders and ages. This ensures that you are able to access treatment for everyone in your family thus avoiding the hassle of looking for multiple doctors.

Affordable Health Care Services

Because your doctor is easily able to administer preventative healthcare measures, and guide your family on living healthy, they ensure that you are able to stay healthy and thus avoid future healthcare costs.

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